Nano Electric Co. Ltd appointed exclusive distributor for Vietnam

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our exclusive distribution contract with Nano Electric Co. Ltd which will be providing 1Home solutions and products to the customers in the country of Vietnam.

With its capacity and experience in implementing many large projects, Nano Electric operates mainly KNX smart homes. We chose 1Home because it bridges the gap between KNX smart home and smart wireless devices, controlled on three main platforms: Apple, Google and Amazon. Customers are free to choose the control application that they like, freely choose smart wireless products according to their preferences, they can customize the commands, and most importantly, they can use Vietnamese language. The voice control 1Home integrates into KNX is also very fast, stable and simple to use. We also see the potential in the conveniency of a voice-controlled home; controlling devices is quick and simple: you don't need to operate the KNX control panel or hold the phone (open the password to the application) to operate your home. Even though KNX is very expensive compared to wireless smart home products, Vietnam's economy is developing, and customers request a smart home system that operates stably and securely. I think that with the development of KNX smart homes that combine smart wireless products, we will no longer have a gap between the wired and wireless worlds which is great for the customer.

Nguyen Thai Hung, Nano Electric Co. Ltd