1Home vs Competition

In this article we compare how different smart home devices support smart assistant integrations and their closely related functionalities such as remote access and KNX IP Interface.

We get a lot of questions about how 1Home is different from other competing products.

Since this answer varies depending on the smart home you have, your technical skill set and the state of your project (whether you’re just building a home or already living in it)—we feel that the best way to explain it is to write it down in a blog post.

In general we offer a KNX IP Interface, secure remote access and a smart assistant integration (Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa) to KNX, Loxone and GIRA smart homes.

Our product brings different benefits for:

  • Loxone users
  • KNX users

For Loxone users

We are the only company offering a serious commercial solution for Loxone users, so there isn’t much more to add.

Available products:

  • 1Home Cloud (instant solution),
  • DIY Box (1Home Cloud installed on your own Raspberry Pi 3b+/4 device - instructions),
  • 1Home Box (plug & play device),
  • 1Home Bridge (Apple certified premium product).

All products can be installed with zero technical knowledge, except for the DIY Box that requires you to play around with the RPi computer a little bit.

There are a few open-source solutions available out there which you may use as well, but those require a lot of commitment, technical knowledge and you should expect that you’re starting a never-ending project. There are constant updates required on the side of Loxone and smart assistants which you have to deploy yourself, to ensure your system isn’t crashing in the meantime. Open-source solutions offer no “human support” and you should expect to seek out answers on your own.

If you are a DIY type of a person you will enjoy it but if you value spending more time with your family, then this isn’t for you. You can always go for our “working DIY option”, the DIY Box mentioned above. 😉

More on commercial vs open-source solution comparison HERE.

For KNX users

It’s important to point out that the benefits differ whether you are already living in a smart home or you’re still in the process of building one.

1. For users already living in a smart home

The value proposition is very straightforward here: we will be the cheapest and fastest solution for you to achieve the desired result.

Our 1Home Bridge, DIY Box or Box products will extend the functionality of your already installed smart home server (Gira X1, Gira Homeserver) or a KNX IP Interface. You will not require any help from certified professionals as we have created an algorithm that will automatically read your KNX ETS project file and sync settings with the smart assistant platform.

Keep in mind that the 1Home Cloud product is not fit for KNX since due to the lack of authentication on KNX IP interfaces, the integration is not considered secure.

Because of that, you won’t need to waste money on an integrator’s visit which all other products require due to the complexity of their setup.

2. For users planning or building a new smart home

The 1Home Bridge is the best product for you if you’re planning or building a KNX smart home from scratch. But still, it’s important to differ between Android and iOS households.

Android & Mixed (Android & iOS) households

If you’d like an Android mobile app control, we don’t recommend using the 1Home Bridge as a visualisation server. Google Home and Amazon Alexa mobile apps are simply not fit for usage in a 100+ devices KNX smart home.

You can still get a lot of value from voice control, geofencing and creating scenes mixed with KNX and wireless devices. We would just recommend going for a different central control interface (here’s a list of Top 8 KNX visualisation servers).

Another important factor is also that the 1Home Bridge works as a KNX IP Interface, which most of the KNX visualisation servers don’t include off the shelf and you will surely need one in a modern smart home. At the same time your KNX integrator (if professional) will propose to install the Gira S1 device which enables secure remote programming of your smart home, a functionality 1Home Bridge includes already as well.

So, in Android & mixed households you should use the 1Home Bridge for voice control, geofencing and scenes - as a KNX IP Interface and secure remote programming unit - but not for visualisation.

iOS-only households

For iOS households the 1Home Bridge is the recommended visualisation server (Apple Home app is perfect for a KNX smart home), voice control, geofencing and automation tool as well as an enabler for a central interface where you can merge all your wired and wireless devices in a single mobile app.

Next to that it is the added KNX IP Interface and secure remote access solution. Merging three devices into one while cutting the price in half.

1Home vs KNX competition

Below you can find comparisons of 1Home products with competitive KNX products

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We hope this has given you a deep enough insight into how 1Home compares with competition. For any questions you can always talk to us using the chat in the bottom right corner.

We’ll be with you in less than 20 minutes.

Thank you for your time and happy smart homing!

the 1Home Team