The best way to set up voice control for your customers

1Home will help you satisfy any voice control wishes without the need for on-site visits and take over your support calls.

Connect It Now for Free One week free usage, No credit card required
                                                                       Impress potential clients

Impress potential clients

Sell more smart home installations by bringing voice control into your showroom. Make it even smarter and stay on top of the innovation.

                                                                       Save time with remote setup

Save time with remote setup

Satisfy customer demand without wasting time with on-site visits. Simply do it remotely with our Partner Dashboard.

                                                                       We support your customers

We support your customers

Voice assistants are a novelty and so are the issues connected with them. Don’t bother with labor intensive diagnostics and let our team do it for you.

Ease of Use

9223 of customers have been using it for years

                                                                       Set it up with portforwarding

WITH SOFTWARE Set it up with portforwarding

The simplest way to voice control. Use 1Home dashboard to set up your customers from anywhere. No hardware required.

An icon representing 1Home Box device

WITH HARDWARE Set it up with local connectivity

Local connection offers increased security and speeds up voice command execution. The device also provides Apple HomeKit integration and secure communication with KNX IP Interface.

Even with hardware, no on-site installation is required.

1Home Box is a plug & play solution that your customers can install on their own by connecting power and network. Schedule a remote setup session and take it from there. Improve customer experience and cut costs at the same time.

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Even with hardware, no on-site installation is required.

An image representing a 1Home Box - a plug & play device that connects Voice Assistants to Loxone, Gira or any other KNX smart home in line with industry standards of security

Remote setup sessions will be quick because 1Home auto-detects your smart home configuration.

Industry names believe in it

Mark Warburton

Mark WarburtonTechnical Director, Ivory Egg

" We are extremely impressed with the simplicity of the 1Home solution as it makes introducing Voice control to existing installations quick and easy with no changes needed to the original programming."

Thomas Weinzierl

Thomas WeinzierlCEO, Weinzierl

" With the 1Home's streamlined integration process we have added compatibility for Google Assistant & Alexa to our BAOS 777 device in a matter of days. Users can now simply Voice Control their homes, after a 5-minute set-up"

Mirco Zublasing

Mirco ZublasingCEO, Divus

" Working with 1Home has been a great pleasure they have very professional processes and we are thrilled to be adding their functionalities to our Gateway."

                                                                       Earn commissions with Affiliate System

Earn commissions with Affiliate System

Affiliate program is a standard in online sales. For every purchase made through the link we generate for you, you get a cut of the sale. Earn commissions from products that your customers buy in our shop and benefit from our e-commerce infrastructure.

                                                                       Get a discount on a volume purchase

Get a discount on a volume purchase

A commonly used stock purchase - volume discount model is used with partners that want to keep a personal touch with the customer and reach higher margins.