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With 1.7.2022 we are increasing our end-user price for the 1Home Bridge from 699€ to 799€ due to increasing costs in supply chain management.
All partner prices will be raised proportionally as well. You have the time until 30.6. to secure current discounts and you can also see what price increase you can expect for which package.

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TOP 3 NEWProducts from ISE 2022 Barcelona - Talking Smart Homes Special

¡Hola desde la soleada Barcelona!  The ISE 2022 highlights report you have been waiting for is here!  Check out our picks for the top 3 new KNX products on the market & short interviews with the presenters.

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On Weather Stations with Bastian Elsner

In our second episode, we are discussing the importance of weather stations in smart home automation with Bastian Elsner of Elsner Elektronik.

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On push buttons Daniel Leitzbach

In this episode, we are discussing the use of pushbuttons in the modern smart home with Daniel Leitzbach of COJACON.

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599€ + VAT

799€ + VAT (-35% OFF List price) 599€ + VAT (express DHL shipping included)

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3x Bridge

€1.677€ + VAT

(-45% OFF List price) €1.677 + VAT (express DHL shipping included)

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6x Bridge

2.876 + VAT

(-50% OFF List price) 2.876€ + VAT (express DHL shipping included)

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