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1Home Cloud

Connect your smart home with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in 5 minutes. Let it run quietly in the background while you interact with your home through voice assistants. No technical knowledge or hardware is required for the setup.

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3 years
VAT not included
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1Home Box

A plug & play device that connects your home with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. It speeds up the execution time of your voice commands as well as provides an extra layer of security with the end-to-end encryption of communication.

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1Home Cloud

An icon representing 1Home Box device

1Home Box

Assistant Support

Apple Siri
Google Home
Amazon Alexa


Automatic device detection
Average setup time 5 minutes 10 minutes
Need for technical knowledge Not needed Not needed
Hardware device Not needed
Simple free trial / no purchase required
Use multiple Assistants at once
No modifications to electrical cabinet needed Not needed Needed only if DIN mounted in the electrical cabinet
Customer Support in multiple languages
Reduces programming and maintenance time by keeping configuration in sync
Port forwarding needed