Virtual Routine Trigger and KNX belong together!

alexa-Virtual Routine Trigger
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Connecting KNX to Amazon Alexa

1Home is the easiest way to voice control for KNX and Loxone smart home owners. Our AI software does everything for you by auto-detecting your existing smart home settings. Our goal was to simplify the setup so that anyone can implement it into their home. Try it today and experience the magic of voice control.

Connecting Virtual Routine Trigger to Amazon Alexa

Integrate Amazon Alexa in KNX to get the freedom to create complex custom routines and use friendly interface to operate all your Alexa-enabled devices from. All with a few taps, no technical knowledge of group addresses needed. Entering the Alexa ecosystem is simple, just buy an Amazon Echo speaker or download the Amazon Alexa mobile app and you're ready to control Virtual Routine Trigger together with KNX!

alexa-Virtual Routine Trigger

Possible voice commands

“Alexa, discover my devices”

Connect all this, and more with 1Home products

✓ Single sleek mobile app for managing your BUS (KNX or Loxone) devices together with wireless devices
✓ Independence in automation management
✓ Voice control & geofencing for a cooler home
✓ Setup and management with the help of our support team, no technical knowledge required

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Extend your KNX smart home base

Konnex (or KNX) is a smart home standard for smart people. It ensures that your smart home remains smart and stable for several lifetimes, not just a couple of years. KNX systems not only offer better control and more convenience as well as reduce energy costs by constantly monitoring and adjusting your devices. While not visible, the KNX home server is sitting tucked away and controls each function of your home. The lights came on the moment you stepped into the house thanks to an IFTTT (“If This, Then That”) function that your installer pre-programmed for you. This function can be changed at any time, with more being added when necessary.

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