Top 8 KNX Visualisation Servers: The Ultimate List

Imagine a world where figuring out which KNX visualisation system is fit for you is a piece of cake.

Since such a world isn’t a reality yet and there are still so many different ways to visualize your KNX smart home, it can make deciding for KNX feel like you’ve hit a wall.

You are probably building or planning to build a new house and have already picked KNX system for its stability and robustness. Now you have to research visualisation servers among the sea of possibilities and decide for one.

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Lucky for you, this article will help you understand the different KNX visualisation options and see which one will be the best solution for your habits.

Let us guide you through the best KNX visualisation options currently on the market and what makes them great.

We’ll also add a bonus alternative for fans of Apple HomeKit, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa.

KNX visualisation: why even bother?

While a wired KNX home doesn’t need any visualisation for it to work, there isn’t much fun (or use) in having a smart home and not visualising it, controlling it from your wall-mounted tablet or even remotely from your smartphone. You should be able to check the state of your KNX devices from the comfort of your couch, control them even if they’re in another room and even tie them together in scenes with IoT devices like Sonos speakers and Philips Hue lamps.

While there are many features of a good smart visualisation system including a variety of supported devices, scenes, timers, remote access, IoT integrations, and more, there is one universal thing that’s on everyone's list.

The visualisation needs to look good.

Below we will list the best KNX visualisation options based primarily on their appearance and user experience. This list can serve as a good starting point to find visualisation systems that you are interested in.

Let’s dig right in.

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Gira is one of the most well-known players in the KNX visualisation market. Their portfolio consists of two high-quality products: Gira X1 and Gira HomeServer.

Gira X1 (~€ 850) is primarily meant for automating and visualising a single-family home. The simple to use interface is available on iOS and Android, and supports all the basic functions any homeowner would want.

A look inside the Gira X1 mobile app.
Controlling the blinds and slates is incredibly easy.
Setting up the brightness and color of the lamps is done in tap or two.

What people say about their Gira X1 mobile app:

  • Android - 10K+ downloads, 4.1 on 72 ratings
  • App Store (DE) - 3,7 on 76 ratings

If Gira X1 is not enough, Gira HomeServer (~€ 2200) will definitely do the job. It is Gira’s most premium product that packs even more features and power than X1. It’s controlled through the Gira Interface that can be accessed from the Gira Control Client either via PC, tablet, or smartphone. It continuously records all operating and consumption data and evaluates it to find potential savings.

Gira HomeServer visualisation

What people say about their Gira HomeServer mobile app:

  • Android - 10k+ downloads, 2.3 on 464 ratings
  • App Store (DE) - 3.1 on 77 ratings


Jung Smart Visu Server (€ 650) is a great alternative to the Gira X1. While X1 has an iOS and Android app, Jung Smart Visu Server comes with an HTML5 compatible web app that can work on basically every device. It comes a bit cheaper but you could argue that the design of the X1 interface looks better.

Jung Smart Visu Server is HTML5 compatible.

What people say about their mobile app:

  • Android - 5k+ downloads, 3.9 on 26 ratings
  • App Store (DE) - 3.9 on 21 ratings
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Abb Busch ControlTouch (~€ 970) provides a simple KNX visualisation for smartphones, tablets and Windows computers to control your KNX home. It supports many functions such as home automation, switching, dimming, blinds, RTC control, IP cameras, notifications via push notifications or email, scene/sequences, timing and more. You can also monitor usage data for up to 3 years. The interface is not the best looking, but it does the job.

What people say about their mobile app:

  • Android - 5k+ downloads, 3.9 on 25 ratings
  • App Store (DE) - 2.6 on 19 ratings


Even though Loxone Miniserver (€ 544) is essentially meant to be used with Loxone’s proprietary wired systems, it can also be used as a KNX visualisation tool. The setup process might not be as smooth, but if you are a fan of the Loxone visualisation you should give it a try. Loxone visualisation app works on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Loxone Miniserver can also be used as a KNX visualisation tool.

What people say about their Loxone mobile app:

  • Android - 100k+ downloads, 4.4 on 1717 ratings
  • App Store (DE) - 4.5 on 30 ratings


MDT Objectserver VisuControl Easy (~€ 440) is one of the two least expensive KNX visualisation options on this list. If you are looking for something affordable and you want the most aesthetic visuals out there, you only need an iOS app and you’re ready to try the VisuControl Easy.

What people say about their mobile app:

  • Only on App Store, not enough ratings


EibPort v3 (~€ 1450) comes packed with a unique visualisation app named CubeVision 2 that is quite different from other options (check the video). While EibPort v3 is a complete KNX server with many features that a KNX server should have, you can also purchase only the visualisation CubeVision module (~€ 721) that comes at half the price. The CubeVision can be used on Android, iOS or in the browser.

EibPort v3 comes packed with a unique visualisation app named CubeVision 2.

What people say about their mobile app:

  • Android - 5k+ downloads, 4.7 on 36 ratings (old app), 4.5 on 15 ratings (new app)
  • App Store (DE) - 3.3 on 13 ratings


Control4 CA-1 (€ 312) can now be connected to KNX. You can use the Control4 App for iOS, Android and PCs to control your smart home. Even though Control4 is meant to be used together with their proprietary systems, you can give it a go as it should also work with KNX.

Control4 CA-1 can now be connected to KNX.

What people say about their mobile app:

  • Android - 10k+ downloads, 3.9 on 160 ratings
  • App Store (US) - 4.5 on 163 ratings


Last but not least, we have Divus KNX Server (~€ 1060) that comes with the DIVUS OPTIMA interface. Due to its web support, the interface can be displayed on all devices, from mobile to desktop. The best way to see first-hand how the OPTIMA interface works is to try out their live demo here (username: user, password: user).

The Divus Optima interface can be displayed on all devices.

What people say about their mobile app:

  • Android - 1k+ downloads, 4.0 on 29 ratings
  • App Store (DE) - too few ratings.

If you have decided on a visualisation system that you want to add to your KNX smart home but you are still searching for an installer that can integrate it, you can sign up HERE and we will connect you with a reputable professional.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on different KNX visualisation options.

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