Apple Home for KNX smart home

Apple Home for KNX smart home with 1Home

Connect KNX to Apple Home in a few minutes.

Don't limit your home with KNX and keep it in touch with wireless devices in a single sleek mobile app.

Be independent in managing your KNX automation without ETS programming knowledge.

Automatic configuration - no KNX ETS knowledge required for setup.

Apple Home for KNX smart home with 1Home

KNX to Apple Home connection made simple

By connecting KNX to Apple Home, you centralize your KNX devices together with all Apple-supported devices in a single mobile app. You can setup automations and use cool features like voice control and geofencing.

KNX to Apple Home connection made simple with 1Home
KNX to Apple Home connection made simple with 1Home

Apple Home mobile app in KNX smart home

Modern interface makes you feel in control.

You can view and control your devices by device type and room in which they are located. You can control the whole device group or a whole room.

You can customize your home screen with favourite devices and scenes. You can also view your devices by room.

It is really easy to create custom scenes.

Supported KNX devices in Apple Home app

You can use a number of KNX devices in automation, scenes, and other features offered by your preferred smart assistant. View the full list of supported devices below.

Supported KNX devices in Apple Home app with 1Home
Supported KNX devices in Apple Home app with 1Home

Supported wireless devices in Apple Home app

1Home supported wireless devices

Eve Sensor

1Home supported wireless devices

Nuki doorlock

1Home supported wireless devices

Apple TV

1Home supported wireless devices

Sonos One

1Home supported wireless devices

Logitech Circle

1Home supported wireless devices

Robin intercom

1Home supported wireless devices

Philips HUE

+ Thousands of other devices

KNX smart homes are great but you might find yourself stuck in a wired world as it is really hard to integrate other products. And while BUS is definitely a reliable and long-lasting technology there is a whole new world of exciting wireless devices for music, security, cleaning, and more. You have one smart home - and you should only have one mobile app for controlling it. It is not surprising to end up using 5 mobile apps for managing different smart devices. With Apple Home Kit mobile app, you can centralize them all in a single, sleek mobile app that is really friendly to use. It can also be used to access your home remotely from anywhere, anytime.

Manage your automations without the need to learn how to program ETS

The problem with KNX smart homes is that you can not really manage your automation without learning how to use KNX ETS. This is quite a technical challenge that a lot of people don't choose to take on. If you don't master KNX ETS, you always need to rely on your smart home integrator which is usually very busy & expensive. But with the Apple Home app, the management of your automation has been made so easy that you can do it yourself through a friendly interface.

To create an automation, you first have to configure a starter.

After that, you can select devices or scenes that you want to control once the trigger is fired.

KNX automations you can setup

When this happens

Voice command



KNX push button

KNX or IoT Sensors


Then this happens

Apple TV




Device action

With geofencing you can trigger automation based on location

A geofence is an invisible boundary, a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. For example, with geofencing you can create triggers so that when a device enters or leaves the pre-defined boundaries, a device turns on. This way a nicely lit house can await you when you come back from work.

Use your voice to control your home

Voice control with 1Home
Voice control with 1Home
Voice control with 1Home

Use voice control on all your devices

1Home voice control on devices

Voice assistant devices

Why should I choose 1Home?

All our products are installed plug & play

Our 1Home Bridge device that connects KNX and Loxone smart homes to Smart assistant platforms is installed simply by connecting power & ethernet cable to the device. No technical skill required.

Why to choose 1Home

An algorithm that automatically sets up 1Home products with KNX or Loxone

We have put extreme effort into making this as simple as possible to set up with your KNX or Loxone smart home. Our device auto-detection algorithm will read your smart home configuration and sync it with 1Home. Requiring no technical knowledge or help from certified professionals to setup.

Why to choose 1Home

Friendly dashboard to manage the integration

In our 1Home dashboard, you can manage your smart home and your smart assistants. All your KNX and Loxone devices get synced once you connect to your smart home. Then you can decide which devices you want to use with smart assistants and also rename them. You can also manage your data privacy settings in the dashboard - making you in charge of your data at 1Home.

Why to choose 1Home

Helpful support team & money-back guarantee

All our products are set up with no technical knowledge (except in a scenario of Direct KNX BUS connection) but if you need any advice our support & engineering team is happy to help. And if it turns out, the product is not right for you, we give you your money back, no questions asked. You can always 'activate us' through the chat button in the bottom right corner. We'll first ask few questions automatically to segment your case and then the right person will engage.

Why to choose 1Home

Buy 1Home products

Access partner pricing here

Express Worldwide

30-day money back
guarantee on all products

2-Year warranty on all

1Home Server KNX Bridge

All the essentials for connecting KNX to Matter and smart assistants.

1Home Server KNX Bridge

499 € + VAT

Buy now

KNX to Matter Bridge - Smart Assistant app and Voice control of KNX (Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Home Assistant)

Easy KNX Integration with automatic ETS device detection

Remote access via 1Home Dashboard

Project configuration backup for peace of mind

Local & Private connection, no Internet required

Integrated KNX IP interface

Can be upgraded with


1Home Server KNX Pro

Everything you need for a professional and modern KNX experience.

1Home Server KNX Pro

699 € + VAT

Buy now

All 1Home Server KNX Bridge functions plus:

Secure ETS remote programming App

1Home Automations - Powerful Automations for KNX App

Matter Controller - Directly integrate Matter devices to 1Home (available end of Q3 '24) App

Save 397 € by going Pro.


= 699 € + VAT

All apps already included in the bundle.

KNX Bridge


3 Apps

= 1,096 € + VAT

Price with Remote ETS programming, 1Home Automations App, and Matter Controller App.

1Home partners get more for less.

Join our Partnership program to access exclusive pricing and other benefits.

Access partner shop

Server Apps

Upgrade your 1Home Server KNX Bridge functionality with powerful Apps.

1Home Automations

Powerful Automations for KNX
(and Matter).

199 € + VAT*

Learn more

ETS remote programming

Gain the ability to
program KNX remotely.

199 € + VAT*

Learn more

Matter Controller

Directly integrate Matter devices
to 1Home (coming Q3 '24).

199 € + VAT*

Learn more

*Purchasing and installing Apps will be available later this year.

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