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Install professional-grade smart homes with Matter

We provide you with hardware and software tools to deliver Matter smart homes as a professional solution.

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1Home MatterPro

Meet MatterPro

Your professional tool for installing Matter smart homes.

Meet 1Home MatterPro

* The hardware design is conceptual and may be subject to change.

Professional integrator dashboard

Use 1Home Automations to setup more complex logic compared to Matter supported mobile apps. Control all your projects in one place and use secure remote access to see which device is offline, has empty battery etc.

Meet 1Home MatterPro

All the devices you need to craft professional smart homes

The open standard Matter is growing at an astounding rate, providing suitable devices for any project or use case.

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Meet 1Home MatterPro

Easy project handover

Configure everything in the MatterPro dashboard, and then let the customers add the MatterPro device to smart home mobile apps on their own. This way, you'll never have to touch the customer's phone during handover again.

Meet 1Home MatterPro
Meet 1Home MatterPro

No hub? No problem.

By controlling MatterPro directly with the 1Home App, you can avoid setting up smart home hubs on your projects in order to test your configurations. This means a faster workflow & less money spent. If customers later decide to use other smart home apps, they can buy a smart hub in order to do so.

Meet 1Home MatterPro

Skip the stress of on-site configuration

We understand the frustration of configuring and connecting wireless smart devices on-site.
That's why we are enabling you to connect all Matter smart home devices to 1Home MatterPro beforehand - in the comfort of your office, at the pace that suits you. This way you only have to worry about connecting one device to the network when you arrive on the project site.

1. Connect Matter devices to MatterPro at the office

2. Connect MatterPro to network on client's location

3. Customer connects smart home apps on their own

Handover the project without needing access to the customer's phone

Having to have access to the customer's phone to complete a project handover introduces organizational, timing, and privacy related issues. A far from ideal situation.

With 1Home, you as the integrator can configure everything in the MatterPro dashboard, and then let the customers add the MatterPro device to 1Home App or other smart home mobile apps on their own. This way, you never have to even touch the customer's phone during handover, and the client can start controlling their home with mobile apps and voice immediately.

Create a truly smart home experience
with 1Home Automations

Overcome automation limitations of ordinary smart home apps. 1Home Automations enables
you to configure advanced automation with powerful logic blocks. All running locally.


Set rules for when certain automation should start.


Make sure the conditions are met.


Configure desired action on any device.


Wait certain amount of time between conditions or actions.


Do anything multiple times. (Not yet available)


Send different kinds of notifications to installer or customer. (Not yet available)

Calculate & Transform

Calculate or create new values based on system data.

Maintain Matter projects remotely and securely

Keeping an eye on your Matter installations remotely is a breeze with MatterPro.

Maintain all your projects in one place

Integrator Dashboard makes it easy
and manageable.

Monitor device battery levels

Know exactly when to change
batteries on devices in your projects.

Monitor device network statuses

Check whether devices are
online or offline.

We help you get more projects

Once you have acquired 1Home MatterPro and undergone testing of the device we will include you on the map of 1Home Matter smart home integrators and forward you customers near you, getting you more projects faster.

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