Modern control for modern KNX users

📱 A single sleek mobile app for all your KNX and IoT devices.

🗣️ Voice control via Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

⚙️ Independence in managing your KNX & IoT automation.

⚡ The easiest setup on the market.

1Home modern control for modern KNX users

Connect your KNX home to any of these assistants

1Home with multiple mobile apps and voice control interfaces via Matter

Apple Home

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1Home with multiple mobile apps and voice control interfaces via Matter

Google Home

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1Home with multiple mobile apps and voice control interfaces via Matter

Amazon Alexa

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Get the best of both worlds

KNX brings stability and reliability while Smart Assistants enable modern functionality - put all this together, and you'll have the ultimate smart home experience.

Get the best of both worlds with 1Home

Use the best mobile app on the market

1Home mobile app features










Wall Button

Air condition


Complement your KNX home with thousands of Smart Assistant supported wireless devices

KNX smart homes are great but you might find yourself stuck in a wired world as it is really hard to integrate other products. And while KNX is definitely a reliable and long-lasting technology there is a whole new world of exciting wireless devices for music, security, cleaning, and more. You have one smart home - and you should only have one mobile app for controlling it. It is not surprising to end up using 5 mobile apps for managing different smart devices. With Apple Home app, you can centralize them all in a single, sleek mobile app that is really friendly to use. It can also be used to access your home remotely from anywhere, anytime.

1Home supported wireless devices
1Home supported wireless devices

Be independent in managing your KNX & IoT automation

Even use your location as an automation trigger.

1Home automation

Create a scene

Explore various automation options

When this happens

Voice command



KNX push button

KNX or IoT Sensors


Then this happens

Device action



Apple TV


Use your voice to control your home

Voice control with 1Home
Voice control with 1Home
Voice control with 1Home

With geofencing you can trigger automation based on location

A geofence is an invisible boundary, a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. For example, with geofencing you can create triggers so that when a device enters or leaves the pre-defined boundaries, a device turns on. This way a nicely lit house can await you when you come back from work.

Connect Sonos speakers with KNX buttons

1Home control Sonos speakers with KNX push buttons
1Home control Sonos speakers with KNX push buttons
1Home control Sonos speakers with KNX push buttons
1Home control Sonos speakers with KNX push buttons

Why choose 1Home Bridge?

Automatic configuration process, now 10x faster

We have put 4-years of engineering into developing a state of the art AI algorithm that will automatically sync your KNX configuration with 1Home out of an existing ETS project file. No time-consuming and stressful double-work copying KNX addresses. On average algorithm will take care of 80% of the work while the rest you can manually configure in our dashboard as any other visualisation server.

User friendly dashboard

In the 1Home dashboard you manage your smart home, your smart assistants, name/rename your devices and disable devices you don't want to share with smart assistants.

Professional support team

All our products are set up with no technical knowledge but if you need any advice our support & engineering team is happy to help.

Different installation options to suit your use-case

The 1Home Bridge can be installed either DIN-rail in your electrical cabinet by your smart home installer or if you are already living in a KNX smart home and have an existing KNX IP Interface installed you can install 1Home Bridge in a retrofit way via POE adapter.

Keeping homes smart for the greatest people in tech

Smart people recommend 1Home

Dr. David Darmanin, CEO of Hotjar

"I finally feel independent in managing my Loxone smart home."

Smart people recommend 1Home

Jan Rezab, Forbes 30 under 30

"New kick-ass wireless devices are coming out every day and I can finally fully utilise them with KNX through one mobile app."

Smart people recommend 1Home

Simon Grabowski, CEO of GetResponse

"Now I can finally show my friends where is the smart home I have been telling them about."

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1Home Bridge

Previous generation of 1Home Server.
We suggest this device if you require Alexa (which doesn't support Matter bridges well yet) or Sonos (not supported on 1Home Server) integration. Works with KNX & Loxone.

1Home Bridge

799 € + VAT

Buy now

Smart Assistant app & voice control of KNX & Loxone via Direct API integration of Apple Home (only KNX), Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Easy KNX setup with automatic ETS devices detection. Easy setup of Loxone via Miniserver API integration

Remote access via 1Home Dashboard

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