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1Home products are a great enabler for you to sell a full smart home and grow your customer base. Put your pin on the map and become an official 1Home Service Provider.

1Home Service Provider

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1Home Service Provider Program

Gain exclusive discounts.

As a 1Home Service Provider, you get access to exclusive pricing all year long. This enables you to keep your margins high, while also keeping a wallet-friendly price for your customers.

Get access to new KNX homeowners.

Target clients with a KNX home directly, and offer them a complete smart home solution.

Offer more to your clients.

Multiple smart assistants, advanced automations, voice control, secure remote access & programming,... the list goes on and on. 1Home products enable you to offer your customers the best smart home experience possible.

Get exposure on the 1Home map.

The 1Home Service Provider map gets thousands of monthly views by individuals that are looking for smart home professionals that will help them achieve the smart homes of their dreams.

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