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Why 1Home Server?

1Home Server brings a modernized approach to smart homes.

1Home Server - KNX

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1Home Server connects professional smart home systems such as KNX and Loxone to Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and other smart assistants and voice interfaces via a new open standard Matter (what is the Matter standard?).

All through a setup that is friendly both to a professional integrator as well as the homeowner.

But it does not stop there. It can run simple or complex automations and integrate 100s of IoT devices via Matter (later in 2024) as if they would be one with KNX and Loxone.

It also offers integrators an optional instant remote access so users can benefit from a top-notch support service.

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1Home Server combines modern smart home standards

In 2023 the smart home industry made a giant leap.

Previous status quo outside the KNX world was that every smart home application and most device manufacturers used their own standards. Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Ikea, Lutron, Loxone and all others used incompatible technology.

This resulted in a flood of options and a complete mess for customers, integrators and manufacturers. Customers and integrators didn't know what to buy and how to connect things together, while manufacturers had to support many standards at the same time - often resulting in a lower quality of the software.

Thankfully, the industry realized that this needs to change, so Apple, Google, Amazon and 600 other smart home companies, including many from KNX, have agreed to start using one standard - Matter as the main communication tool.

Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa have all decided to use Matter as their main smart home technology and have rebuilt their platforms around it.

This brings us to 1Home Server.

With 1Home Server, we are building a device aligned with the future. It is connecting KNX, Loxone and Matter standards together into one platform, but it does serve solely as a bridge to control your KNX or Loxone devices in smart assistants. With 1Home Automations and the upcoming integration of other Matter devices, 1Home Server is the central piece of your professional yet modern smart home.

Our guidelines

We believe that you should be the owner of your smart home and not the other way around. At 1Home we are convinced to follow the following guidelines:

  • Privacy first - All the data stays on your local device and is not sent to our servers, with a couple of exceptions where this can't be avoided (e.g. remote access and software updates). For any functionality where it is required to share any data with our cloud we explicitly state what is being sent in our Privacy policy. We don't share or sell your data to 3rd parties or in any other way abuse it. The data is not ours, it is yours.
  • Offline centric - 1Home Server can run offline and online connection is only needed for specific bits such as remote access, software updates etc. If there is no internet connection, your device will continue to work without interruptions.
  • Reliability - Your smart home needs to work at all times. We are putting a lot of engineering effort to make the 1Home Server as reliable as possible and will be continuing to work hard on it in the future. It is important to note though that we also depend on the reliability of Matter integration of smart assistant apps (Apple Home, Google Home, ..) which are still in the process of polishing and improving their software. To check current limitations and known issues with smart assistant integrations, check the specific section for each smart assistant in the sidebar. Those are improving almost daily.
  • Simplicity - The right solution is always simple and intuitive, yet powerful - and is what makes you enjoy the experience. Having a powerful device doesn't mean it needs to be complicated or take long time to set up.
  • Ready for professionals - While 1Home Server can be easily set up by homeowners, we want every smart home integrator to have a device they can rely on and is flexible enough to be used in almost any project. Maintaining hundreds of installations is a breeze with our support readily available.

Now that you know what 1Home is all about, let's get started with your 1Home Server!