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Samsung SmartThings

Control devices configured in 1Home Server with Samsung SmartThings using local Matter integration.

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Still in BETA: Read known limitations and issues

Samsung SmartThings support for Matter bridges is quite good, but a couple of issues need to be fixed on the Samsung SmartThings side before it will be ready for professional use.

Make sure to read the section below describing currently known limitations for Samsung SmartThings's integration of Matter bridges.

What is Samsung SmartThings?

With Matter, Samsung SmartThings is a new addition to a list of 1Home supported smart assistants. If you have never seen it in action, do check it out. It feels similar to Apple Home with a more advanced automation module and is an interesting solution for Android users.

Get to know Samsung SmartThings app.

Samsung SmartThings app

Hub device is required

Since Matter runs completely locally a hub device is needed to keep a continuous connection to our 1Home Server and with that to KNX.

SmartThings hub device is required:

  • We are testing SmartThings integration with Aeotech v3 hub for SmartThings, but feel free to connect using any other stand-alone SmartThings Matter hub or one built into the latest Samsung TVs, Smart Monitors, Family Hub refrigerators, or the new SmartThings Station.

⚠️ Known limitations and issues

Last updated: October 27, 2023

As of now, the SmartThings supports Matter bridge devices and 1Home Server works quite well with up to 30 devices. At larger scale Smart Things Matter integration still has certain issues that prevent it from being a reliable choice in professional installations. As soon as this changes, we will provide an update here.

  1. Pairing sometimes gets stuck in the final steps connecting to SmartThings. Removing the SmartThings app cache in Android settings usually solves the issue.
  2. Medium and large installations often make the SmartThings app not stable or sometimes even unresponsive.
  3. Adding/removing devices with large installations after the 1Home Server is already paired to SmartThings can confuse the Smart Things app which stops working properly.
  4. After pairing, give it a couple of minutes for it to set everything up. Not all devices appear at the same time but they are all synced within a minute or two.

We are a part of the SmartThings Matter development program and are helping them make their Matter integration ready for professional KNX installations.


1Home is one of the key partners for making a bulletproof SmartThings support for Matter bridge devices.

Image from SDC 2023, Samsung Developer Conference, San Francisco

At SmartThings they are very enthusiastic to get their smart home platform ready for large professional smart home installations. We believe SmartThings will soon become a reliable way to control your KNX smart home.