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Device reset

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Matter reset

Resetting Matter is usually not necessary since you can remove each Matter app (fabric) one by one under Integrations -> Matter Bridge settings.

However, to completely reset the Matter integration, hold the RESET button on the device for 3 seconds until you see a blue light blink two times. Then release the button.

The software will restart and you will be able to access your local dashboard again in a couple of seconds.


If you will accidentally hold the RESET button for 10 seconds it will perform a device factory reset!

Factory reset


Factory reset will remove all of your configuration from the device and you will have to start configuring it again from scratch. Use with caution.

On your device, hold the RESET button for 10 seconds until you see a blue light blink 2 times (don't release the button after you see the blue light blink 2 times after 3 seconds, if you release this will only perform a Matter integration reset - wait full 10 seconds). Then release the button. Wait a minute or two for the server to restart.

Use the default username and password to sign in.

This action will reset your whole device to factory settings. Use with caution.