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Home Assistant

Control devices configured in 1Home Server with Home Assistant using local Matter integration.

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Still in BETA: Read known limitations and issues

Home Assistant support for Matter bridges is quite good, but a couple of issues need to be fixed on the Home Assistant side before it will be ready for professional use.

Make sure to read the section below describing currently known limitations for Home Assistant's integration of Matter bridges.

Note that you can also use 1Home Server simply as a KNX IP interface and use it with a traditional KNX integration in Home Assistant, until direct Matter integration is fully ready.

🎬 Video tutorial

Learn how to use Home Assistant with 1Home using a direct Matter integration.

Why Home Assistant via 1Home Server and Matter?

Quite a few homeowners want to use Home Assistant alongside other smart assistants to control their KNX smart home.

There are a number of benefits for using 1Home Server as an intermediary between KNX and Home Assistant:

  1. Built in KNX IP interface - To connect Home Assistant to KNX you will need a KNX IP interface. 1Home Server comes with a prebuilt KNX IP interface that supports up to 4 concurrent IP connections. Instead of buying a dedicated IP interface solely for that purpose you can get it with 1Home Server alongside with a bunch of other neat features such as KNX remote access for remote programming via ETS.
  2. ETS auto detection - Configuring KNX devices directly in Home Assistant is quite involving and very time consuming. One must also very well understand all the little details of controlling KNX devices which is often quite hard. Connecting KNX to Home Assistant via 1Home Server makes the job a lot simpler. You can use our ETS device auto detection system to setup everything and with a simple scan of the Matter QR code get all the devices to Home Assistant with one action.
  3. (For integrators) One way of configuration for all customers - Regardless which smart assistants your customers want to use, be that Apple Home, Google Home, SmartThings or Home Assistant, you can always configure their KNX devices in the same way via 1Home Server and bridge them to smart assistants with a single scan of the QR code. No need to learn all the details of separate platforms that are unique for each combination. This makes scaling your smart home installer business much simpler!
  4. Maintained integration - While Matter bridge integration in Home Assistant still needs some work there is a large chance that long term focus on good support of Matter bridge integration by Home Assistant community will be greater than that for direct KNX integration - since Matter bridge will be used by many more devices and community memebers. While Home Assitant will take care of the best possible Matter bridge integration to Home Assistant, we at 1Home will make sure that KNX integration to Matter will be flawless and perfectly maintained.

⚠️ Known limitations and issues

Last updated: November 30, 2023

  1. Adding/removing devices can make the Home Assistant Matter integration to become unresponsive. Reboot of Home Assistant is necessary to bring the integration back and running again.
  2. Adding back bridged devices that you have previously removed keeps them permanently hidden.
  3. There are certain issues where Home Assistant loses connection to Matter and the reboot of Home Assistant is necessary.
  4. With the latest version of Home Assistant there are possible problems with commissioning of a certified device (we are still investigating).
  5. We have seen Home Assistant iOS app has trouble pairing certified Matter devices. If pairing with iOS device doesn't work, try using Android device to pair your 1Home Server.