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KNX remote access

Remotely connect to your KNX project and program it via ETS software. From anywhere in the world.

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If you haven't already, first follow the guide to setup 1Home remote dashboard and connect your 1Home Server.

Once you are able to access your 1Home Server remotely, you can follow the guide below to setup a KNX remote programming connection.

Setup KNX remote access

Follow the steps below to create a new KNX remote connection:

  1. Login to your account in and navigate to the project that you want to establish the KNX remote connection to.
  2. On the selected project, click view so that you can see the details of the project and a list of 1Home devices connected to it.
  3. Press on 3 dots and select KNX remote access, as shown in the image below.

KNX remote access navigate

  1. You will be presented with a screen as shown below.

KNX remote access not configured

  1. Add your IP to Allowed IPs list. Only IPs included in this list will be able to access the KNX remotely. Note that you can also allow a whole sub-network via a CIDR notation (e.g.
  2. Add a new remote connection to a Gateway configured on your device (or any other IP interface reachable from your 1Home device). To do that use the + Add button.
  3. Once that is done you will see a list of gateways to which you will be able to connect to remotely with ETS software.

KNX remote access configured

Connect remotely via ETS

To connect to your remote KNX project via ETS follow the following steps.

  1. In ETS, open the KNX project (.knxproj) that you want to connect to remotely.
  2. Copy the remote connection details from the 1Home Remote dashboard. KNX remote access URL
  3. Enter the copied URL details to connection settings in ETS. When clicking Test button the green Ok text should appear. If it does not work, try enabling the "Connect using NAT mode" option and make sure that your IP is in the list of allowed IPs. ETS connection

Voila! Now you can access your ETS project remotely using the ETS software.

If you are still having troubles connecting, read on.

Disabling remote ETS connection

Any ETS remote connection expires within 12 hours. After that you have to manually enable it again. You can also disable a connection once you don't need it anymore.

Common issues

Below are some common issues and solutions for KNX remote access.

Make sure your IP is in the allowed IPs list

Try any "Find my IP" online websites and compare that the IP you are currently using is added to the list of allowed IPs.

I can't program certain actuators, some telegrams are not visible or errors are shown

There are a couple of things to try:

  1. Follow the Program KNX with IP interface to reserve individual addresses for use from 1Home Server.
  2. Line couplers - Make sure that no line couplers are between the 1Home Server and the KNX device that you are trying to access. If the line coupler is present, to investigate if it is causing the problem, try disabling any filtering on the line coupler and trying again.
  3. Enable slowed connection - Open the project settings (image below) and turn on slowed connection for this project. This should help resolve potential issues that are a result of a not optimal network connection. ETS slowed connection