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Prepare ETS project file for automatic device detection

The KNX devices need to be correctly configured in ETS for Matter apps to work correctly.

And that is regardless if you are planning to add devices via automatic ETS device detection or manually one by one.

Experiencing problems with a specific device type?

Check our Supported KNX devices guide.

In it you can find details of how to correctly configure each device type, what are required settings in the ETS configuration and what are some common issues.

⚠️ Don't forget your T (transmit) and R (read) flags on your status objects

Follow the guide for each supported KNX device type to learn which flags need to be set on which group objects.

As a refresher, setting a transmit flag on a status object in ETS makes sure that whenever this object is changed by any means (manual control, using another group address etc.) the updated value is sent to the KNX bus. If T flag is not set, the device will not report it's changes which will not be displayed in Matter apps.

Setting a read flag on an object in ETS makes it possible for any other KNX device on the system to query the status of the object at any given time. If R flag is not set, Matter app will not be able to query the state on boot and will show incorrect status.