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Automations are currently in BETA. If you find any issues, please submit a bug report.

1Home Server gives you the ability to run simple or complex automations in your smart home.

Using 1Home Automations requires no prior experience with smart home automations or programming and can be done by anyone who wants to upgrade their smart home. But while easy to use, Automations also give you plenty of flexibility that is required for professional smart home integrators and all you power users.

To ensure the best experience, all automations:

  • run locally on the device, no internet connection is required,
  • can be backed up so that you never worry of loosing your work,
  • can be reused between projects to save hours of your time,
  • keep a history of runs which lets you always know what automations are run, why and when.

Follow our Get started guide to create your first automation or learn more about Automations below.

🎬 Video-Tutorial