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Connecting to KNX

Table of contents

KNX TP bus

Your 1Home Server can be connected directly to the KNX bus with the KNX bus cable. That is all you have to do. The server is now part of your KNX system!

If you however don't need a direct connection to the KNX bus, you can skip it and connect to the KNX IP interface as explained in the following section.

Note that connection directly to KNX bus is more reliable and thus preferred.

KNX IP interface

If needed you can also connect up to 4 additional KNX IP interfaces.

When creating your KNX devices you will be able to select to which gateway each device belongs - simple and effective.

To add a gateway to KNX IP interface, go under Integrations -> KNX and click on Add button under "Gateways" section.

Add KNX gateway

If you want to connect to an actual KNX IP interface later, make the gateway disabled. This is useful if you want to prepare the configuration before the actual installation is ready (e.g. from your office while electricians are still laying the cables).

Check the connection status

You can check the status of your connections to KNX gateways or the direct connection to the KNX bus under Integrations -> KNX window, as shown below.

KNX gateways status