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Apple Home

Control devices configured in 1Home Server with Apple Home using local Matter integration.

Make sure you are using latest release of iOS 17 on both your phone as well as Apple hubs.

Important: Read known limitations and issues

Apple Home's support for Matter bridge devices is by far the best at the moment out of all smart assistants. It works perfectly well for small and medium sized installations but still has a couple of minor issues when integrating 100+ devices via 1Home Server.

Make sure to read the section below describing currently known issues for Apple Home's integration of Matter bridges.

Apple Home

How Apple Home and Matter work together?

Learn how to integrate your KNX smart home with Apple home using Matter.

🎬 Video tutorial

Follow a simple guide on how to connect your 1Home Server to Apple Home.

See an example of how Apple Home handles many bridged devices in larger KNX smart homes.

Hub device is required

Since Matter runs completely locally a hub device is needed to keep a continuous connection to our 1Home Server and with that to KNX.

You can choose one of the hubs from the list below:

  • Apple TV
  • HomePod Mini
  • HomePod

Does 1Home Companion App work with 1Home Server?

For our older product 1Home Bridge we have developed a 1Home Companion App for iOS that let's you sort the devices in 1Home to rooms after the pairing is complete.

1Home Companion App unfortunately doesn't yet work with 1Home Server.

Since 1Home Server is bridging devices to Apple Home via Matter, the technology that we use in 1Home Companion App isn't yet compatible. We are looking at a couple of alternative ways to make this possible.

Importing rooms with Matter

Are rooms imported to smart assistants apps? Read more.

⚠️ Known limitations and issues

Last updated: October 27, 2023

Apple Home has made bridging many devices via Matter much more stable with their iOS 17 release. You can now add 100+ devices to control your home. We have tested this with up to 170 devices, which is even more then the maximum limit of added devices via the old Apple Home integration system (HomeKit) - which is 150.

With that in mind, there are still a couple of fixes that have to be made by Apple. Apple is fully committed on using Matter as their main smart home platform and we believe that the fixes for the issues below will be available fairly soon (we will update this guide).

Issues for any home size:

  • A thermostat switchover from cooling to heating is currently not working. Apple is already working on a fix.
  • Apple Home shows Off option on a thermostat even if it is not provided by the device. If you press it, our 1Home Server will simply ignore it and the previous state of the thermostat will be restored.

Issues for large homes (~80+ devices)

  • After pairing your 1Home Server with Apple Home, give Apple Home app 1-3 minutes to set up it's state. During that time the app might work with limited capacity.
  • In larger installations, after the hub is running for a couple of days you might see some delay (~0.5 to 2 seconds) on some actions. Restarting Apple hub solves the issue. Expected behavior is that actions triggered in Apple Home work instantly.
  • When Apple Home hub is under load (for example when adding new devices, setting up state after lost connection, etc.) sometimes window coverings stays in the closing/opening status in the app until you refresh the Home app or the Apple Home hub finishes processing the large load.
  • If you enable many devices at the same time, Apple Home can sometimes have a period of around 5-10 mins when status feedbacks won’t update automatically in the Apple Home app (screen refresh is needed).