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Loxone supported devices

Below you can find a list of Loxone devices that can be bridged to Matter.

1Home device typeLoxone device type(s)Matter bridged device type
Light: On/OffSwitchOn/Off Light
Light: Dimming
  • Dimmer
  • EIB Dimmer
  • Dimmable Light
    Light: Color TemperatureColorPickerV2Color Temperature Light
    Light: ColorColorPickerV2Extended Color Light
  • IRoomController
  • IRoomControllerV2
  • Thermostat
    Socket: On/OffSwitchOn/Off Plug-in Unit
    Window CoveringJalousieWindow Covering
    Door LockGateDoor Lock
    Push ButtonPush ButtonGeneric Switch
    Sensor: Contact
  • WindowMonitor
  • InfoOnlyDigital
  • Contact Sensor
    Sensor: TemperatureInfoOnlyAnalogTemperature Sensor
    Sensor: Occupancy
  • PresenceDetector
  • InfoOnlyDigital
  • Occupancy Sensor
    Sensor: HumidityInfoOnlyAnalogHumidity Sensor