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Google Home

Control devices configured in 1Home Server with Google Home using local Matter integration.

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Important: Read known limitations and issues

Google Home support for Matter bridges is still quite new and a couple of minor issues are still present. Google has been very responsive in fixing any occurring issues and we expect the remaining ones to be addressed in the near future.

Make sure to read the section below describing currently known limitations for Google Home's integration of Matter bridges.

Google Home

What is different in Google Home's Matter enabled app?

Google Home made two large improvements to their system when devices connect via the Matter integration:

  1. Execution of actions from the Google Home app is much faster since it is being sent locally (see it in the video below).
  2. More device types were added compared to traditional integration methods.

🎬 Video tutorial

Learn how to use Google Home with 1Home using a direct Matter integration.

Hub device is required

Since Matter runs completely locally a hub device is needed to keep a continuous connection to our 1Home Server and with that to KNX.

You can choose one of the hubs from the list below:

  • Speakers: Google Home, Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Audio
  • Displays: Nest Hub (1st gen), Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max
  • Wi-Fi routers: Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E)

Does Google Home work without internet?

While connection between 1Home Server and Google Home hub (eg. Google Home Mini) works completely locally and doesn't need internet connection, the Google Home app still requires internet connection to work. We have seen Google Home focusing more towards bringing more functionality to work offline (eg. local execution of actions) and we hope this will be even more true in the future.

⚠️ Known limitations and issues

Last updated: November 30, 2023

Google Home team has made large improvements in their support for Matter bridges and large installations. They are aware of all of the below issues and we are assisting them to create the fixes.

  1. Sorting devices in rooms - Google Home does not support sorting devices in rooms via the Matter standard at the time of writing (even though Matter has a built in functionality which we support).
  2. Stuck during pairing at "Connecting device to Google Home" - You can simply exit the app. When you will open it back up, the devices will appear and all will work as expected.
  3. Adding/removing devices syncing - When you add or remove devices in 1Home dashboard it can take a bit before the changes show up in the Google Home app. This can take from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. Be gentle with it and wait for the devices list to update. In rare cases when adding many devices, Google Home gets stuck and the changes are not shown. Re-adding one device should trigger the update again and it should solve the issue. In worst case, reboot the Google Home hub.
  4. Dimming light shows 0% - With dimmable lights, when they are turned on, the Google Home app shows 0% for a couple of seconds and only after that updates to the correct state. Google team is aware of this issue.
  5. Google Home animations - Animations of e.g. on/off lights have delays and only update their state after a couple of seconds, even though the actual light was turned on instantly.
  6. Connectivity in large homes - With larger installations, from time to time Google Home app looses connection to the Matter device which makes it unresponsive for a short period of time.
  7. Un-pairing Google Home removes all fabrics - If you remove 1Home Server from Google Home app, Google Home will also remove 1Home Server from any other connected smart assistant apps such as Apple Home. We suggest first removing the Google Home pairing from the 1Home dashboard, and only then proceed to remove the 1Home Server from the Google Home app (removing on both sides is required!).
  8. After losing internet connection - We have seen that if Google Home hub loses connection to the internet, it takes it a couple of minutes to come back online, which also renders 1Home Server offline for that period.