Turn KNX programming into a remote job without compromising on security

Program KNX securely via ETS from anywhere you want

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KNX Secure remote access features

Quick connect and high security enabled by IP whitelisting (only the IP specified in the 1Home dashboard can be used for remote access on a dedicated gateway). There is nothing installed on the integrator’s computer (no VPN needed).

Servers are located in Germany and subject German Data Protection Law.

A secure network tunnel is established using WebSockets technology which is not blocked by restrictive network firewalls. This means no additional network configuration is required in consumer networks. The tunnel is encrypted using the TLS protocol ensuring all data from 1Home servers and 1Home devices are fully encrypted and secure.

Use with any internet service provider and with any router (LTE or landline, IPv4).

Integrated KNX IP interface with up to seven tunnel connections (group monitor mode).

Access management of projects can also be controlled via 1Home dashboard.

Secure network tunnel is automatically turned off. You can set the duration for 1h, 4h, 8h - further increasing security.

Unlimited data volume per month.

Next to secure remote access - visualisation and voice control is included (via Smart Assistant platforms)

Apple HomeKit to KNX

Amazon Alexa to KNX

Google Home to KNX

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1Home Bridge is used by 1000+ integrators in 80+ countries

What other professionals say about 1Home products

Dr. David Darmanin,
CEO, Hotjar

"I finally feel independent in managing my Loxone smart home."

Oliver Cox
CEO, Finethorp

"Our client was absolutely blown away by how quickly the system started working with HomeKit."

Mirco Zublasing
CEO, Divus

"Working with 1Home has been a great pleasure. They have very professional processes and we are thrilled to be adding their functionalities to our Gateway."

Thomas Weinzierl
CEO, Weinzierl

“With the 1Home's streamlined integration process we have added compatibility for Google Assistant & Alexa to our BAOS 777 device in a matter of days. Users can now simply Voice Control their homes, after a 5-minute set-up"

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