Use Netro Sprite in your GIRA home

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Connecting Gira to Google Home

Integrate Google Home into your GIRA smart home and control different devices together as if they were made by the same manufacturer. 1Home lets you set this up by yourself, no professional help needed. Then use voice commands in your language, control single devices or groups via a mobile app and even better, create custom scenes that get triggered automatically.

Connecting Netro Sprite to Google Home

Set up, manage, and control Netro Sprite, plus thousands of connected home products like lamps, blinds, sensors and others – all straight from the Google Home app. Ask Google the status of the GIRA devices, group them into rooms and boost your smart home control. The Google Home mobile app includes Google Assistant, the famous voice assistant that will open a whole new world for you.

google-Netro Sprite

Possible voice commands

Hey Google, Talk to Netro Sprite to run zone 3 for 7 minutes

Hey Google, Ask Netro Sprite to stop watering

Hey Google, Talk to Netro Sprite to water zone 3 for 3 minutes

Hey Google, Speak to Netro Sprite to turn off the sprinkler

Connect all this, and more with 1Home products

✓ Single sleek mobile app for managing your BUS (KNX or Loxone) devices together with wireless devices
✓ Independence in automation management
✓ Voice control & geofencing for a cooler home
✓ Setup and management with the help of our support team, no technical knowledge required

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Extend your Gira smart home base

The GIRA HomeServer is a high-end system for your smart home. With the GIRA HomeServer, you can easily put complex scenarios into practice and customise your home according to your needs. Even your garden irrigation and smart speakers can be integrated into the system as well as wireless devices such as Netro Sprite. All transmission is encrypted and the stable KNX technology that acts as the backbone ensures your smart home's longevity and stability. Let GIRA become the on-board computer for your smart home and experience the smart home of the 21st century.

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Benefits of integrating smart assistants in your Gira smart home

Here are the benefits of having a 1Home Box that connects a smart assistant platform (Amazon Alexa, Google home or Apple HomeKit) in your Gira home (Gira X1 and Gira HomeServer): single mobile app, automations, geofencing, voice control and others.

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