Apple Watch: Integrate it in Loxone, Gira or KNX smart home

Compatible with: Apple WatchOS 5, Apple WatchOS 6

KNX, Loxone or Gira control on your wrist at all times? We integrate Apple Watch for you, see how:

When you’re looking to upgrade your home, gaining more control is a key element. While taking command in-app on your smartphone is the most common method of control, it does have some drawbacks. What if your phone is not in the same room? With more and more of us taking digital downtime, this is not a rarity.

What if you were able to control your home from the smartwatch on your wrist and have control from anywhere?

Check if you've locked your door or left any lights turned on.

Whether home or away, having unlimited control of your whole KNX system accessible directly from your wrist is great. So great in fact, that we’ve written about it already in the past.

Here are compatible smartwatches for each of the popular smart assistant platforms (Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit) that you can integrate into your smart home.

Why Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch isn’t just a fancy fitness tracker, it can easily become the ultimate remote control for all your smart home devices and the whole KNX installation.

It’s clear that Apple is pioneering in the field of smartwatches, anyone that has tried a couple of different smartwatches can tell you that. The reliability, stability and communication with the iPhone is unbeatable.

The Apple’s Home app provides a secure way to control and automate all HomeKit-enabled accessories, such as lights, locks, thermostats, window shades, smart plugs, cameras, and more.

Integrate your KNX or Loxone smart home into HomeKit and then, with your Apple Watch, all your controls are right on your wrist.

Think of Apple Watch as the extension of your Home app on your iPhone. It will let you control all your wired  and wireless devices with Siri voice assistant or set up home automations and let the Home app do all the work, but from anywhere you are.

Think of Apple Watch as the extension of your Home app on your iPhone.

Loxone and Apple Watch*

Since the recent update to Loxone Config and app V11, users can control some aspects of their home with the Apple Smartwatch. The supported features are Quick Actions that you set up on your iPhone are now automatically available in the Loxone App for Apple Watches.
However it doesn’t support voice control, single device and scene control, all the things that let the Apple Watch become a base for smart home control.
* Requires watchOS 6 or greater

How to connect Apple HomeKit to your Loxone or KNX smart home?

Before you can start adding Apple Watch, you need to connect your home with Apple HomeKit smart platform . It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, that’s a promise.

Connect HomeKit to:

The connection works similarly with other smart home servers.

Which smart home servers are compatible:

You can integrate these smart home servers to Apple HomeKit via 1Home:

  • Gira X1 & Gira HomeServer,
  • Loxone Miniserver,
  • any KNX IP interface,
  • Theben LUXORLiving IP1,
  • Eisbär Scada,
  • Weinzierl BAOS 777,

How to set up Apple Watch in your smart home:

Here’s a short guide on how to gain control of your Loxone or KNX home via Apple’s smartwatch.

Keep in mind that Apple HomeKit requires the local connection provided by the 1Home Box device.

STEP 1: Connect your smart home to 1Home

  • Visit the 1Home Dashboard and follow the onboarding. It’s a simple process as our software automatically reads your existing Loxone or KNX configuration.

STEP 2: Connect Apple HomeKit

  • Go to your 1Home Connected Assistants page, click the On button to enable HomeKit support and store the pin which appears on the screen.
  • Plug in and configure the 1Home Box (See how).
  • Open your Home app and click the ‘Add Accessory’ button and select 1Home Box.
  • Click Add Anyway after you receive the message that the HomeKit Accessory isn’t certified by Apple.*
  • Enter the HomeKit pairing pin stored in the previous step and follow the onboarding
  • Open Home app on your Apple device, click Add Accessory and select your 1Home Box as the bridge (or follow this video).

*Note: Current HomeKit implementation isn’t yet certified by Apple. We are currently finalizing a HomeKit- and KNX-certified device that will be launched in the next few weeks.

STEP 3: Configure Apple Watch

  • Great news: the Home app is already on your Apple Watch, no additional downloads required.
  • Since the Apple Watch was designed for quick interactions, only the devices and scenes that you have set as favorites in the Home app will be displayed on your wrist.

STEP 4:  Enjoy!

  • Try commanding: “Siri, turn on [device name].”

Take control of your smart home with your smartwatch

Commands for Siri with Loxone and KNX devices

Here are some of the most common phrases you can use with Apple HomeKit for your Apple Watch KNX combination to control your wired smart devices:

Siri commands for Lights

To turn on/off a light

"Hey Siri, turn <light> on/off"
"Hey Siri, turn on/off <light>"
"Hey Siri, set on/off <light>"
"Hey Siri, set <light> on/off"

Query the status of the light

“Hey Siri, is the <light> on/off?"

Set brightness (only if the light supports setting percentage)

"Hey Siri, set <light> to 50%"

Dim a light

"Hey Siri, dim <light>"
"Hey Siri, decrease <light>"

Siri commands for thermostats

To set the temperature to all thermostats

“Hey Siri, set the temperature to 22”

To set thermostat using the thermostat's room name

“Hey Siri, set the <room> thermostat to 22 degrees.”

To set the thermostat using the thermostat’s name

“Hey Siri, set <thermostat> to 20”
"Hey Siri, <thermostat> 20 °C"

Supported languages

Apple HomeKit currently supports 21 languages: English, French, Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

To get inspired, see how one of our users is using Siri to control his whole smart home via his Apple Watch with commands in Dutch language:

Click HERE to read more about the benefits that integrating Apple HomeKit into your KNX, Gira or Loxone home brings.

I hope you can now see whether or not controlling your Loxone or KNX home from your wrist is something that appeals to you. If your home is already connected to Apple HomeKit, then adding the Apple Watch is a breeze.

If you have any additional questions connected to connecting IKEA products and your smart home, our support team will be happy to answer them (

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