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Offer your customers modern mobile apps, voice control, automation and geofencing. Set it up in a few minutes, remotely adapt changes, diagnose and maintain their homes.

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Modern mobile apps merge all wired and IoT devices under one roof.

Choose between different platforms (Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home).

All wired KNX or Loxone devices
All wireless devices like Sonos, Arlo, Philips Hue and thousands of others

You can bring all your music devices into a single mobile app together with your wired devices. Let it be Sonos, JBL, HomePod, … any smart assistant supported speaker can be managed from your one and only mobile app.


Smart Assistants bring security devices like Arlo, Doorbird, Logitech Circle, and others in sync with your smart home. With Apple HomeKit you can even use HomeKit Secure Video which is storing as much data locally as it can.


Clients are tired of bumping into a smart vacuum cleaner all the time? They can now signal the Roomba it's time for cleaning once they activate the away mode. Not only will all their wired devices turn off at that time, but also Roomba can start the cleaning process without “harassing” them.

Assistant agnostic voice control

What is missing next to KNX push buttons and modern mobile apps for the ultimate control of a smart home? The most natural interface: voice.

Cool things your clients can do with voice

Siri, play next song
Let your clients switch between songs and playlists, increase volume or pause music without searching for their phones. And of course, they can show their friends who is the smart home boss.
Alexa, put blinds to 60%
Don't let your clients up from the couch to stop the sun interfering with their TV light. Also, clients can set their blinds to the most comfortable position by using their voice.
Google, good night
Clients can turn off all their lights, drop the blinds and activate the alarm with one voice command. Then they can have a good night sleep.

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Let your customers create and adapt their KNX automations over a friendly user interface. Save time so you can focus on closing new deals.

Automations can be triggered by

Your client's morning routine starts at 7AM? Automate the floor heating to start increasing the temperature in their bathroom at 6AM and finish at 8AM.

Clients can get a notification on their mobile phone when they leave their window open on a rainy day. Or let their ventilation start once the CO2 levels raise above desired stage. They can use any sensor in their home as an automation trigger.
Your clients can open the blinds play relaxing morning music and deactivate the security system automatically when the alarm goes off in the morning.
Let your clients automatically close or open their gates once they have entered a pre-set geo area close to their home.

Automation triggered by location is called Geofencing

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Setup literally takes a few minutes

Our engineering team has developed an algorithm that will automatically sync KNX configuration out of an ETS project file. We outperform our competition in efficiency of device detection.

Read more about the algorithm >

Secure remote management

1Home devices open an encrypted connection between a customer’s smart home server and 1Home Cloud system. We then have two solutions for securing a connection between client application or installer’s programming tool and the cloud system. In case of HTTPS (and HTTP - if client application supports both HTTP and HTTPS) protocol, the communication can be protected with 12 character secure key. In case of UDP and TCP we have implemented a modified VPN type of a solution.

We support you and your customers

Since we have years of experience working with smart home system integrators we understand that smart assistants are a novelty and you don’t want to risk spending hours to support your customers. Afterall, you earn very little money compared to focusing on closing new installations.

This is why we are here. We have researched everything there is to know about Smart Assistant KNX/Loxone integration. We have a support team available that can either support your or even your customers directly, 24/7 - in multiple languages. Our response time is under 10 minutes and we deliver exceptional customer service. That’s at least what our customers say, and they are used to high-end services.

We are keeping homes smart for the greatest people in tech

See why some of the greatest names in tech are using 1Home

As an Apple user, I was always a bit underwhelmed by the user experience provided with the KNX mobile apps. 1Home gave me an option to enhance my KNX installation with Apple functionality. The setup really surprised me - it is something I haven’t been used to in KNX before. I could do almost everything on my own with a little remote help from my system integrator.
Stephan Schambach
ex. Demandware, Founder at Newstore
This product extended my smart home functionality into the 21st century.
Dr. David Darmanin
CEO, Hotjar
It works from my smart watch, my voice assistant, even from my phone outside the house. I love you guys.
Jan Rezab
Forbes 30 under 30
This product elevated my smart home to a whole new level of awesomeness.
Simon Grabowski
CEO, GetResponse


Not certified


  • DIN rail mount possible, optional PoE installation perfect for retrofit
  • Automatic device detection algorithm. No manual device adding.
  • Integrated KNX IP interface with up to 8 simultaneous connections
  • Local connectivity
  • Industry-grade security
  • Integrated web server for visualisation and building control
  • Application programming interface (Weinzierl BAOS protocol)
  • Secure remote access via KNX ETS or Loxone Config
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