1Home Digest: April '24 Edition 2

Hi 1Homies! Let's see what's new:

Android 15: Your Device as a Smart Home Hub

It seems Android 15 may introduce "Home Controls," letting users manage Google Home devices directly from their device screensaver. The hidden feature has been uncovered by a user in the Android 15 Developer Preview 2.

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You might need Two Voice Assistants for the Best Smart Home experience

With an increasing number of devices and ecosystems in the smart home market, having multiple voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa can enhance efficiency. By strategically assigning tasks and understanding each assistant's strengths, you can optimize your smart home experience without interference.

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SwitchBot Robot Vacuums Now Matter-Compatible

SwitchBot's robot vacuums now support Matter integration via the SwitchBot Hub 2, but platform support from major smart home providers lags behind. Despite this, SwitchBot expands Matter compatibility to various devices, offering stability and faster performance for users.

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Aqara's New Motion and Light Sensor P2

Aqara launches the Motion and Light Sensor P2, featuring Thread and Matter protocol support for advanced light detection up to 23 feet. With customizable sensitivity and compatibility with various smart home platforms, it offers versatile automation options, and it's part of Aqara's expansion into Thread-based products.

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Yale Introduces Retrofit Smart Lock with Matter Support

Yale recently launched its first retrofit smart door lock, the Yale Approach with Wi-Fi. It attaches to the back of your door, making it ideal for renters or those who want to keep their existing door hardware. While initially supporting Wi-Fi, an upcoming firmware upgrade will add Matter-over-Thread connectivity, promising seamless integration with various smart home platforms.

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Samsung's SmartThings Pro: Upgrading the Smart Home

Samsung is gearing up to introduce SmartThings Pro, an advanced version of its SmartThings platform. With enhanced features and a premium experience, it aims to take smart homes to the next level. Keep an eye out for its release alongside new flagship devices in July.

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