1Home Digest: June '24 Edition 1

Following last week's Apple WWDC, this Digest is heavy on Apple Home :)

Apple Home Now Lets You Choose Your Main Hub

iOS 18 and tvOS 18 introduce a "Preferred Home Hub" option for Apple TV and HomePod owners. This finally lets you select which device should control your HomeKit and Matter accessories by default, ensuring better stability, performance and reliability.

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Apple's Hidden Thread Radios in New Macs and iPads

Apple has discreetly included Thread radios in its latest iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs, enhancing their potential as smart home hubs. Thread is the primary wireless protocol for the new smart home standard Matter, and enables faster, long-range connections for devices like lights and locks, although Apple has not confirmed their activation yet. This addition hints at future smart home capabilities for Macs and iPads beyond their traditional roles and hints at Apple going fully into Matter as the standard of the future.

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Apple Home Adds Robot Vacuum Support and More

Apple Home is welcoming even more features iOS 18! Now, you can control robot vacuums, unlock smart locks hands-free, share guest codes, and track electricity usage in the Home app. These features, powered by the Matter standard, make home automation easier and more efficient.

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Home Assistant is Embracing AI and Enhanced Customization

Home Assistant Core 2024.6 introduces AI integration for home control with OpenAI and Google AI. This update enhances media player commands, improves dashboard flexibility, introduces tag entities, and adds collapsible blueprint sections. Additionally, it includes improvements to integrations, Matter support, and login token management, making it a robust release for smart home enthusiasts.

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Amazon Faces Challenges Upgrading Alexa

Amazon is struggling to upgrade Alexa with advanced AI, according to Fortune. Former employees report organizational and technical hurdles delaying the rollout of a more conversational assistant. Despite Amazon's commitment to improvement, internal issues and competitive pressures cast uncertainty on Alexa's future development.

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FiiO Launches SR11 Roon Ready, AirPlay Streamer

FiiO introduced the SR11, a compact streaming transport supporting Roon Ready and AirPlay via Ethernet or dual-band WiFi. Designed for use with external DACs like FiiO's K11, it features a sleek aluminum body, front LCD display, and high-resolution audio support.

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Anker Launches C33 Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint Sensor

Anker's new C33 smart door lock combines Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi connectivity for easy integration into smart homes. It features a fingerprint sensor and keypad for multiple unlocking methods, including remote access via an app.

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