1Home Digest: May'24 Edition 1


Hello from Mumbai!

From May 2nd to 4th we have joined our partners Morion Automation on their stand at this year's Smart Home Expo in India! We showcased the 1Home Server for KNX - and the newly released 1Home Automations ;) - and the reception was amazing! We even held an Automations competition which brought some very creative outcomes, as well as alluring awards. We are already looking forward to the next one!

GPT Home: Next-Gen Smart Home Assistant

GPT Home uses ChatGPT's language skills on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B to provide confident responses to user questions. Although it has limitations, like potential inaccuracies and limited service integration, GPT Home excels with its articulate responses in the smart assistant realm.

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Homey's Moods: Syncing Smart Lights Made Easy

Homey's latest update introduces Moods, allowing users to control smart lights effortlessly. With Moods, users can sync settings across different brands, simplifying smart lighting control for diverse setups.

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Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch Gets Z-Wave Upgrade

Yale's Assure Lock 2 Touch now includes a Z-Wave Smart Module for connectivity with smart home systems like Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri. Offering enhanced functionality, the lock maintains its elegant design and features, including fingerprint access.

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Apple's AI Upgrade: Ajax LLM Enhancements for iOS 18

iOS 18 will introduce substantial AI improvements to Siri, Safari, Spotlight Search, and Messages, powered by the Ajax large language model (LLM). With features like article summarization and simplified message responses, Apple prioritizes on-device processing and user privacy. These upgrades position Apple to compete effectively in the AI market while reinforcing its commitment to privacy protection.

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