1Home Digest: May '24 Edition 2

Hello there! We are back with quite a few stuff, let's dive in:

Catch the offer: 1Home Server KNX Bridge

On Friday, 10.5.2024 we launched the next chapter of the 1Home Server product line.

Many customers expressed they want more budget-flexible options, which is why we decided to launch our Matter-KNX Bridge as a separate Server variant.

The initial 500 units available at an astonishingly low price are almost gone - make sure you get yours while the supply lasts!


Matter 1.3 Specification Released

Matter 1.3 introduces energy reporting, electric vehicle charging controls, and support for appliances like ovens and dryers. New features include command batching and scenes for improved user experience, along with better developer tools.

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Does Your Smart Home Still Need a Hub?

Despite the Matter standard, you might want to hold onto your hubs. They simplify device management and automation, enable offline functionality, enhance entertainment options, bridge non-Matter devices, reduce Wi-Fi clutter, and support Bluetooth devices.

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Ikea's New Smart Plug and Energy Insights Feature

Ikea has launched Energy Insights in its Home Smart app, starting in Sweden, and will release its first energy-monitoring smart plug, Inspelning, globally in October. This initiative aims to help users manage energy consumption, save money, and make informed decisions about electricity use. The Energy Insights feature provides real-time data, comparisons, and future plans for actionable energy-saving tips.

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Brilliant's Collapse Shows Importance of Matter Compatibility

Brilliant, a maker of smart home controllers and switches, has run out of money and is no longer selling its products. Although existing devices still function, future support is uncertain. This situation emphasizes the importance of choosing smart home products compatible open standards like Matter to ensure continued functionality even if the company goes under.

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Xiaomi's New Smart Door Lock 2 with AI Finger Vein Recognition

Xiaomi's latest Smart Door Lock 2 Finger Vein Version introduces AI-driven finger vein recognition for higher accuracy and security. With ten unlocking methods, including NFC and Bluetooth, and a quieter mechanism, it integrates seamlessly with Xiaomi's HyperOS. The device, featuring a one-year battery life, is available for pre-order in China.

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Tado Launches Matter-Compatible Smart Heating Range: Tado X

Tado introduces the Tado X series, a new lineup of heating products compatible with the Matter smart home protocol. The range includes thermostats, radiator valves, temperature sensors, and a heat pump optimizer, aiming to simplify home heating control. With support for major voice assistants, the Tado X range offers advanced energy management features, with some requiring a subscription. Available now in select European countries.

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