1Home Digest: May '24 Edition 3

Welcome back, 1Homies! It's great to have you here again. Let's explore what's on the agenda this time around:

Google is Opening Up Their Smart Home

Google is opening up its smart home platform to developers with new Home APIs, enabling integration with over 600 million devices. Additionally, Google TVs and Chromecast will serve as central home hubs, providing local control for Matter devices, enhancing smart home functionality and accessibility.

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Nest Hardware Revamp: Is Google Ready for the Gemini Era?

Another Google news: they are launching new Nest hardware, emphasizing its "Gemini era" and AI development. While Gemini starts to replace Google Assistant, both will play complementary roles in smart homes. The future of Google's smart home ecosystem hinges on this dynamic interplay.

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ADT Plus Integrates Facial Recognition Features

ADT Plus introduces facial recognition with Google Nest, enhancing home security. Its Trusted Neighbor feature aims for secure access for approved individuals. With automated responses to events like package deliveries, ADT Plus offers both safety and convenience. For example, Trusted Neighbor can be set to respond to sensors, so if a water leak is detected, it can automatically let a neighbor in.

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Meet Pi-CARD: the Offline LLM AI Assistant Running on a Raspberry Pi

Star Trek tech seems closer than ever. Pi-CARD, built by data scientist Noah Kasmanoff, is an AI assistant running on a Raspberry Pi, ensuring privacy by operating offline. It can converse, recognize images, and control devices, offering a glimpse into the potential of local AI without compromising data security.

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SecuYou's Matter Smart Lock for Patio Doors

SecuYou launches the Smart Lock Matter Tilt/Turn, the first of its kind to utilize Matter over Thread technology. Designed for inward-opening doors, it offers smartphone control via Bluetooth and integrates with Thread Border Routers for compatibility with smart home platforms like Apple Home.

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Quilt: Smart, Stylish, and Sustainable Heating

Quilt, crafted by former Googlers, reimagines home climate control with style and intelligence. Equipped with smart sensors and predictive algorithms, Quilt's sleek design integrates seamlessly with interior decor while offering room-by-room heating and cooling.

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And that's all for this edition of 1Home Digest.

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