Morion Automation appointed exclusive distributor in India

We are happy to announce our exclusive distribution contract with Morion Automation Pvt Ltd which will be providing 1Home solutions and products to customers in India.

Morion Automation is a premier Indian company specializing in the distribution, design, and consultation of home automation and audio-video solutions. With a nationwide reach, we provide tailored and innovative technologies that enhance and simplify lifestyles. Leveraging our partnerships with globally renowned brands, we bring the best of international automation and AV solutions to your doorstep. At Morion Automation, we're not just providing products, we're transforming environments and elevating everyday experiences with our advanced, reliable, and sophisticated solutions. Morion Automation chose to exclusively distribute 1Home products in India due to their commitment to innovative, user-friendly solutions. We value 1Home's understanding of technology trends, customer needs, and futuristic approach. This partnership enhances our product portfolio and allows us to meet the growing demand for smart home technologies in India, furthering our mission to transform and elevate our customers' everyday living experiences. Voice control and integration with smart assistants are indeed becoming indispensable parts of modern smart homes. This segment of the smart home market is poised for substantial growth. The increasing adoption of smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, and Apple's Siri, alongside advancements in natural language processing and AI, are driving more intuitive and seamless interactions between users and their home environments.

Satish Kumar Kakani, Morion Automation representative