KNX A/C Gateway Survey Results

New Year, New Insights! This time, we asked more than 100 professionals about their A/C Gateway preferences.

Here are the results!

The least chosen A/C Gateways were:

  • GVS KNX/RS485/RS232 Multi-Protocol Bidirectional Converter
  • LogicMachine
  • Sensibo
  • MDT SCN-MBGRTU.01 KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485
  • Kampmann KNX Schnittstelle 3260702

Gaining a bit more popularity:

  • Astrum AC gateways
  • BES KNX Bidirectional infrared transmitter with learning capability
  • Schneider KNX Modbus Gateway RP-C-EXT-KNX

A little more than 2% of participants chose:

  • ABB Split Unit Gateway
  • Theben AC IR1 KNX

About 4% of experts preferred:

  • CORE AC Gateways
  • Weinzierl Modbus Gateway 886

Coming in sixth:

  • Intesis universal IR Air Conditioner

In the fifth place with little over 7% is:

  • CoolAutomation CoolMasterPro

Taking fourth place, we have:

  • Interra AC - KNX Gateway (ITR830-XXXX)

The third-place honor goes to:

  • Airzone Aidoo KNX

Claiming the silver medal is:

  • Zennio AC Gateway

And claiming the throne with almost 22% of votes:

  • Intesis AC Gateway

Thanks for being part of these survey highlights. The next one is just around the corner!