1Home Bridge: The easiest way to Apple KNX smart home

The 1Home Bridge is the easiest way to combine any KNX, Loxone or Gira smart home with Apple HomeKit and gain all of its benefits:

  • Visualisation (with included secure remote access by Apple)
  • Voice control
  • Geofencing
  • Automation app for creating scenes or adding functions to pushbuttons
  • Countless IoT integrations (bring all Apple HomeKit supported devices and all Loxone/KNX devices in single mobile app, create scenes combining devices from both worlds)

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Get to know more on what living in a HomeKit KNX home is really like from our Founder that has been extensively testing all functionalities for over a year now.

Since the launch of the 1Home Bridge on June 12th, we have sold more than a 1.000 devices and have received great feedback from all over the world.

See how easy the setup is and what our users say about it:

  • Poseidwn Tech has prepared an in-depth review of the benefits of the 1Home Bridge in a KNX home in order to: upgrade KNX with visualisation, add voice control, add time schedules for the lights, integrate other smart devices (Philips Hue, Sonos, …) and provide a simple interface that the user can customise themselves. He decided to add Amazon Alexa and showcased the installation and final usage.

  • See how easy it is to connect the 1Home Bridge with Amazon Alexa, import your devices automatically via the ETS 5 project file and start using voice commands. From there on, sky's the limit!
    Controlling indoor and outdoor smart devices is simple!

  • NerdyTechGuy has prepared a review of the 1Home Bridge, from connecting the smart home, integrating an assistant and finally using to voice commands to control blinds, lights, TV, scenes, pool pump and his electric car charger:

  • “I can finally connect my Loxone with Alexa!” says Christian as he found us after searching for a solution that he could install himself. See the different commands in German language that he can use around his Loxone smart home:

  • One of our BETA testers, Andreas, is showing the simplicity of installation of the Bridge device. It’s so simple that anyone can do it themselves, no need for a professional at the setup or later. You just import your ETS file yourself and our AI device recognising algorithm takes care of the rest, see just how simple it is to start issuing commands to your voice assistant:

  • Here is a review and a showcase of the connection with Loxone Miniserver and the simplicity of the setup. As Germain puts it: “It’s so easy a child could do it.”

  • Hans has filmed his first impression of the Bridge as he is unpacking it:

  • ReinhartTEC was one of our BETA testers who also created a short video of his experience of the Bridge as an extension of his Loxone Miniserver. It didn’t take him more than 10 minutes from installation to commanding his Loxone smart home via Amazon Alexa.

  • Jarkko, an installer from HAPP Taloautomaatio in Finland is presenting his first impressions with the 1Home Bridge.

    From the unboxing, device specs and a ‘what’s in the box’:

To the simple installation via PoE cable and the configuration process in the 1Home Dashboard:

As well as controlling his KNX smart home with Apple Siri and an HomeKit interface via iPad. All that with commands in Finnish language:

  • Here is one of the BETA testers that is showing his first impression upon receiving the 1Home Bridge before the official launch:

  • Smarthomebau.de is showcasing how simple it is to connect to Amazon Alexa via 1Home Bridge and use voice commands:

  • Markus was also one of the BETA testers, he has connected the Bridge to his Loxone Miniserver 2nd generation and tested voice control via Amazon Alexa. Here he is showcasing how to control his blinds, setting their percentage, triggering scenes such as “Watching TV” and “Dinner Time”:

If you ever have any questions regarding your 1Home Bridge, our support team will be happy to answer them (support@1home.io).