1Home Digest: February '24 - Week 1 and 2

Did you miss us? We were a bit busy, but that's why we prepared a "double" edition for you ;)

We launched the ultimate directory for Matter-certified devices!

We were looking for an intuitive directory where you can browse Matter-certified devices, but we haven't found a suitable contender.

So we decided to make our own! Filter by brand, device type, and price range (we might add even more filtering options later). There's also useful info about connectivity type and ease of installation for each device. And of course, it's community-powered! If you can't find the device you're looking for, you can add it to the directory - or you can request to edit info on the existing ones.

Take it for a spin - and let us know your feedback!

Microsoft Explores AI-Powered Smart Home System

Microsoft seems to be developing an autonomous smart home system, utilising artificial intelligence for seamless communication between Windows devices. The system allows devices to exchange information and trigger actions without direct user input.

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Next-Gen Siri: Major Upgrade Expected in iOS 18

Expectations are high for iOS 18, rumored to introduce a new Siri powered by generative AI similar to ChatGPT. Apple's internal project, AppleGPT, aims to enhance Siri's capabilities with on-device processing and expanded AI for audio and video. This anticipated launch at WWDC could redefine AI assistance in smart homes.

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Switchbot Introduces New Matter-Compatible Hub Mini

Switchbot has released an updated version of its Hub Mini, now compatible with Matter and Apple Home. The hub can control up to six Bluetooth-connected devices and includes an IR blaster for managing IR-based devices like TVs and ACs. While initially announced on their Japanese website, international availability is expected soon.

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Eve Launches Early Access for Matter in Radiator Controls

Eve Systems has announced early access for Matter compatibility in its radiator controls. This allows users to integrate Eve's smart radiator valves seamlessly into Matter-compatible smart home ecosystems. The early access program offers users the opportunity to experience the benefits of Matter integration before its full release.

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Apple Hints at 'homeOS' in tvOS 17.4 Beta

The latest tvOS 17.4 beta contains references to "homeOS," sparking speculation about a new operating system for home use. While details are scarce, the name suggests it could be related to Apple's smart home ecosystem, HomeKit, or potentially future smart home devices like a rumored HomePod with a display. The mystery behind homeOS awaits further clarity from Apple.

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Eve Unveils New Matter-Compatible Smart Home Products

Eve Systems introduces three new smart home products with Matter support: the Eve Energy Outlet, Eve Light Switch, and Matter-enabled Eve Blinds. All products are designed for seamless integration and energy efficiency and offer advanced control and automation options for modern homes.

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And that's a wrap on 1Home Digest.

Don't miss out on us next week. Until then, stay connected and make your home smarter with 1Home!