1Home Digest: January '24 - Week 3

Here's a quick breakdown of everything we've been following in smart homes over the past week:

When in Dubai…

Tim and Rok had an awesome time on their trip to Dubai this month!

They visited the Light+Intelligent Building Middle East and Intersec Expo, packed with smart home novelties and innovations. This was also a great chance to connect with dozens of new customers.

The trip was also a great opportunity to strengthen connections with existing partners in Dubai and assist them with their 1Home integrations.

One of the trip’s highlights was a demo for a luxury project of 50 villas, powered by 1Home products. Thanks, Sophisticave Smart Home Solutions, for showing us around!

We are already looking forward to visiting again - watch out Dubai 😀

Update from 1Home engineering

The 1Home Engineering team is always hard at work bringing new features to our products and improving existing ones! 🖖

The latest software release for the Server includes:

🔄 Migration of 1Home Bridge configuration to 1Home Server

Got 1Home Bridge already configured, and you want to use the same configuration with your 1Home Server? You can now simply reuse it!

📲 1Home Companion App support

While Apple Home does not yet support sorting devices in rooms via the Matter standard at the time of writing, we provide a simple workaround that lets you synchronize rooms and names to your Apple Home using our 1Home Companion App.

🚀 Broader support for KNX device types: Thermostat, and Jalousie

Read the release notes

Arduino and Silicon Labs Team Up for Easier Matter IoT

Image credit: Arduino

Arduino and Silicon Labs are making IoT development simpler. In phase one, they released a user-friendly Arduino library for the Matter protocol. Developers can experiment with it using existing boards. Phase two brings a game-changing Nano family addition in March 2024. This collaboration aims to empower creators and professionals, fostering innovation in IoT.

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Smart Home as a Service?

Image credit: OliverIQ

OliverIQ, aims to simplify the smart home experience. Described as "smart home as a service," OliverIQ's app detects and connects various smart home devices, offering automation recommendations. Perfect for those finding smart setups challenging, OliverIQ plans a wider launch, collaborating with ISPs for seamless management of your smart gadgets from one app.

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Shelly's New Smart Devices for a Smarter Home

Image credit: Shelly

Shelly introduces the H&T Gen3 climate sensor with upgraded features and Matter compatibility, offering improved performance and an astonishing one-year battery life. Paired with the new, compact Mini Gen3 relay series for seamless automation, these smart devices provide innovative solutions for a connected home.

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That is all for this week!

Thank you so much for reading; more 1Home Digest is coming soon ;)