1Home Digest: January '24 - Week 4

Hello and welcome back smart home enthusiasts! Let's jump right into it:

Inovelli Introduces Matter Over Thread Dimmer Switch

Image credit: Inovelli

Inovelli is expanding its smart home lineup with Matter over Thread dimmer switches. These versatile switches support various wiring setups and offer unique features like scene triggers and LED notifications. While available for preorder, buyers should note that certifications are pending.

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Image credit: Getty Images

Take charge of your home heating with these science-backed strategies. The balance between individual comfort and energy efficiency is very delicate - but you CAN achieve it!

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Wallflower 2: Your Smart Home's New Control Point

Image credit: HomeKit

Wallflower 2 is here to streamline your smart home management with its sleek design and intuitive features. You can enjoy a user-friendly dashboard, weather updates, and easy guest controls. Existing users can seamlessly transition to the new version, which offers both free basic functionalities and subscription-based advanced features.

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Schneider Electric Hit by Cactus Ransomware Attack

Image credit: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a major energy management and automation company, experienced a ransomware attack by the Cactus group, resulting in the theft of corporate data. The attack disrupted some services and raised concerns about the security of sensitive information. Schneider Electric is working to restore affected systems and assess the impact of the breach, while cybersecurity experts investigate the incident. We wish them the best of luck.

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