1Home Digest: March '24 Edition 1

Welcome back, smart home enthusiasts! We missed you last week, but we're making up for it with double the news this week. Let's dive in!

First Preview: 1Home Logic Module

The 1Home Logic Module is almost here!

We are super excited about the launch of Logic Module, which will make smart home automation easier, more intuitive, and more advanced. We prepared a short "first-look" video preview in which you can learn how an example of "Away" automation is set up with our new automation engine.

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Ikea Beta-Tests Matter Support on Dirigera Hub

After delays, Ikea launches a beta program for Matter integration on its Dirigera hub, allowing Zigbee devices compatibility with Matter networks. The initial rollout focuses on lighting products, with plans to expand based on user feedback.

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Google Home's Nest Camera Scheduling Workaround

While the Google Home app lacks direct scheduling for Nest cameras, Google employs a workaround during the porting process for legacy cameras. This workaround involves creating complex automations to turn the camera on and off at specified times. Could this reliance on automation hint at the absence of plans for a dedicated scheduling feature? Decide for yourself and...

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TP-Link's Tapo H500 Smart HomeBase is a versatile Matter-compatible hub for controlling smart devices, supporting security cameras, and connecting with up to 64 devices. The H900 model also offers some additional features.

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Silicon Labs Powers First Matter-Over-Thread Smart Locks

Silicon Labs, a leader in wireless technology, provides solutions for the first Matter-over-Thread smart locks chosen by Nuki and U-tec. These locks mark a significant advancement in the connected home space, ensuring energy efficiency, security, and reliability for these innovative smart lock solutions.

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Eve Energy Outdoor

Matter is now not only indoor but also outdoor! Eve just released smart outdoor outlet and power meter. Which allows you to control your outdoor lights and appliances through voice commands or an app.

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Emporia's Vue 3 Energy Monitor

Emporia has launched the Vue 3 Energy Monitor, providing circuit-level insights from a home’s electrical panel. It integrates seamlessly with Emporia’s smart devices and third-party appliances, offering enhanced accuracy, Home Connect support and lots more.

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EarthEn's Breakthrough in Renewable Energy Storage

EarthEn, an Arizona-based startup, introduces innovative solutions for storing renewable energy. EarthEn Pods and EarthEn Edge offer scalable and resilient CO2-based storage and AI-driven technology, advancing the shift towards sustainable energy sources. Can this pave the way for a sustainable energy future?

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And that's all for this week!

See you again next week with more interesting news.