1Home Digest: March '24 Edition 3

Welcome back to a new edition of 1Home Digest. Let's jump right in!

1Home Automations are almost here…

Up until now, 1Home enabled you to modernize your home by bringing in the power of smart assistants such as Apple Home, Google Home and others. But there was one thing that our customers repeatedly pointed out that  was missing: The ability to create more complex automations that run locally, can be backed up and that you have full control over. Together with our community, we have designed a revolutionary automation tool - and we are almost ready to launch! 🚀

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes from our recording of the 1Home Automations launch video.

P.S. The price of the 1Home Server for KNX will be increasing after the launch of 1Home Automations.

But it’s not too late yet! You can buy the device at the lowest price right now, and get all the upcoming upgrades included for free. ⚡️


CSA is making Smart Home Security simpler with the PSV Mark

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) introduces the Product Security Verified (PSV) Mark, ensuring peace of mind for smart home device buyers. With this certification, consumers can easily identify and trust secure IoT products, enhancing safety in connected living.

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Get Started Easily with Home Depot's Hubspace

Home Depot's Hubspace simplifies the smart home setup process with its user-friendly platform and seamless integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. While its product selection is limited, Hubspace offers an easy way for beginners to enter the world of smart homes. Would you find Hubspace a viable option for you too?

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Apple's HomeKit Secure Routers: Abandoned Ambitions?

Introduced in 2019, Apple's HomeKit Secure Routers haven't gained traction with manufacturers. Recent reports suggest Apple may have abandoned the idea, as few vendors are participating and new routers aren't being accepted. Despite existing support pages, the future of HomeKit Secure Routers seems uncertain, indicating waning interest from Apple and manufacturers.

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RoamPod: Transforming Your HomePod Mini into a Portable Speaker

The RoamPod idea turns a HomePod mini into a portable speaker using a battery base. It suggests features like easy handoff between speakers, stereo pairing, waterproofing, and a magnetic base for convenience.

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Aquaro: Smart Water Monitor Solution for Leak Alerts

The Aquaro Smart Water Monitor, currently featured on Kickstarter, is a simple yet effective device that tracks water flow and sends alerts through its intuitive app, making leak detection hassle-free.

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