For Integrators - New Partner Pricing from 1Home

Smart assistants are finding their way into more and more homes with the number of units delivered doubling practically every year since the launch of the first one— Alexa Echo— in late 2014. In the period of 10 years they will go from a complete novelty to being in 75% of US households —a study by Loup Ventures predicts—with the rest of the world soon to follow. This adaptation rate is impressive even in the age of rapid innovation we are living in.

In homes that are already smart, the assistant’s convenience, intuitiveness and ease-of-use adaptation even faster and expands them from a nice-to-have gadget to a must-have assistant for homeowners and their integrators.

We’ve been anticipating this shift for a couple of years now, ever since we entered the market where KNX and Loxone meet voice assistants. From the beginning our mission was to develop the best-in-market solution together with our users for our users. Some 20.000+ of them connected their smart homes to our system already and judging by their feedback and reviews, we are delivering on our promise.

We will continue doing so with all of our solutions from the Cloud to 1Home Box and naturally also with 1Home KNX Bridge (the KNX and Apple certified device) which will soon be launched.

As the market shifts from enthusiasts to practically everybody, and we grow our solutions from being end-user focused to also being installed by professionals, the time's right for us to invite even more partners to join us on our path.

This is why we are happy to announce our new partner price list which offers:

  • Free equipment for your showrooms including voice assistants, rollups and other necessary marketing materials,
  • New higher partner discounts on volume purchases
    (starting with 50% on the Cloud licences) and bundles to present voice control for the first couple of your customers (e.g. 3 x 1Home Box for the price of 2),
  • Easier cooperation on our occasional promotions and in periods of higher sales of voice assistants.

The new pricelist will be announced on February 10th.

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Source: a study by Loup Ventures