Put yourself on the map: Become an official 1Home Service Provider

It was great being one of 1Home partners in 2021, but from 2022 onwards we’re taking our partnerships to another level. 1Home started out primarily as a B2C business while slowly growing our focus to the B2B field as well.

We strongly believe that the time has come to put the majority of our focus on growing the business together with our partners - 1Home Service Providers. Following that idea, we have redesigned our promo campaign communication strategy, hired people with serious experience in the field of building automation (read more here), heavily improved partner support (more in this article) and last but not least, we are introducing the 1Home interactive map of all 1Home service providers.

We want to address the raising demand of our end-customers to receive the full service product setup for our 1Home Bridge. This is why we will be placing an interactive map of all of our Service Providers on our webpage. End-customers will thus have an option to enter their address and search for 1Home Service Providers in their area.

All 1Home Service Providers will be presented with a pin on the map together with additional info (company name, address, contact information) coming up when hovering over that pin. By doing all this we’ll be literally sending the customers in your direction and you’ll be able to offer them your services.

By linking people that require services and professionals that offer them, we will open up new potential projects ranging from just 1Home Bridge installation to other smart home services.

Join our 1Home Service Providers and get your pin on the map.


Become a 1Home partner by signing up HERE and purchase your first Box or Bridge device. This will get you the option to sign up as the 1Home Service Provider, get access to the partner phone line, the campaign schedule for 2022 and more!