Big updates before shipping 1Home Server for KNX

We are happy to announce we have officially started the shipping process for the 1Home Server for KNX. The next couple of weeks will be super exciting!

Before you get your own device at your doorstep, we invite you to watch all the current updates on the Server device.

Update 1: First look at 1Home Server for KNX

Our CTO Gregor Krmelj shows the first version of our new product - 1Home Server

Get a quick overview of the Server setup and Matter integration, and our improved ETS Auto detection. Afterwards, meet our brand new feature - project validation, and in the end our CTO Gregor Krmelj will share a quick few words about the future of the 1Home Server product.

Update 2: Apple Home & Matter: Big Update for 1Home Server!

Apple Home to KNX made even more powerful with Matter integration.

While Apple initially had a couple of issues integrating multiple Matter devices with a single Matter bridge, we've been working hard with the Apple engineering team to fix these issues - and we have some great news!

Update 3: The Current state of Home Assistant to KNX via Matter

Check out the current state of Home Assistant to KNX integration via Matter with 1Home Server.

If you are one of the homeowners who would like to use Home Assistant with their KNX installation, this update is for you. While Home Assistant's Matter support had some issues, it has come a long way. Check out the current state in the video above.

Update 4: Remote Access Dashboard for 1Home Server

We have created the Remote Access Dashboards for the 1Home Server.

While the 1Home Server works completely locally, there are times when you need to make some remote changes or maintenance. For times like these, we have created the Remote Access Dashboards for the 1Home Server.

Remote Access Dashboard is an especially powerful tool for larger integrator companies, because it enables efficient project and staff management, while still letting the homeowner have complete control over who can have remote access to their Server.

What's next?

We are loving Server, and the powerful features it brings to the smart home landscape - and we hope you will as well! We are etermined to bring you your Server device as quickly as possible, and steadily continue the development of new features.

And if you haven't hopped on the Server train already - now is the perfect chance!

Our Grey Friday Shop is open right now!