KNX Touch Panel Survey Results

In our KNX Touch Panel Survey, we gathered valuable insights from over 100 KNX professionals. They shared their 40 favorite KNX Touch Panel models to install.

Let's dig into the results!

Chosen by less than 1%:

  • Berker Touch Panel Android KNX
  • Divus KNX IQ
  • EKINEX Delégo
  • INTERRA i7+
  • Moorgen Finland
  • Tantron
  • Loxone
  • PEA KnxControlMicro
  • Industrial Touch PC (Win)
  • Z41 Pro
  • Iddero Verso
  • Onna touch panel
  • Iddero HC3L
  • Elan/Nice

A bit more popular:

  • JUNG Smart Control
  • Divus Superio
  • Elsner Fabro KNX
  • GVS Smart Home Server
  • INTERRA 4 Android KNX
  • HDL KNX Granite Display Touch

About 2% of participants preferred:

  • ABB ComfortPanel
  • Core Eclipse
  • Siemens TCS

Just under 3% of voters chose:

  • ABB IP Touch
  • JUNG KNX Smart Panel
  • Core Surface
  • Schneider U.motion

Coming in as 5th most popular:

  • PEAKnx ControlPro
  • MDT VisuControl
  • GVS Smart Touch Panel
  • Zennio Z100

5% of votes went to the 4th place:

  • Zennio Z70 v2

Stepping on the podium, with over 5% of votes:

  • Basalte EllieTouch
  • Basalte Lena touch
  • ABB SmartTouch

A surprising 2nd place:

  • Apple iPad

Taking the crown, chosen by more than 14% surveyors:

  • GIRA G1

We hope you enjoyed this survey insight. Stay tuned for the next one!