Smart Now signs exclusivity for Egypt

We are excited to announce the expansion of our exclusive distributor roster! We are joined by Smart Now which will be bringing 1Home solutions to customers in Egypt.

Here at Smart Now, we're driven by the mission to create a greener, smarter future through groundbreaking solutions. Our expertise spans across EV chargers, smart home systems, and solar energy solutions. Our ultimate aim? Empowering you to lead more connected and eco-conscious lives. Becoming the exclusive 1Home Distributor was fueled by our unwavering passion for redefining smart living. The state-of-the-art technology and seamless integration offered by 1Home perfectly resonate with our dedication to excellence. This partnership equips us to offer you cutting-edge smart home solutions that reimagine convenience, security, and energy efficiency. Together, we're transforming living spaces into hubs of intelligence. Picture homes that respond to you. That's the smart future. Teaming up with 1Home, we're forging sustainable, intuitive homes. From energy efficiency to seamless automation, we're on the forefront.

Ahmed Emad, Manager at Smart Now Egypt