V. KAFKAS SA appointed exclusive distributor in Greece

We are excited to announce our exclusive distribution contract with V. KAFKAS SA which will be providing 1Home solutions and products to our customers in Greece.

V. KAFKAS SA is the top-selling Greek company in the market for electrical equipment, lighting, building technology products, and energy management solutions. The company’s modern network of 74 stores in Greece and Cyprus, the Big B2B Customer Service & Management Department, the departments specializing in Lighting, ICT, Energy Solutions, Industry, Shipping Project Management, and the two Switchboard Manufacturing Units in Attiki and Thessaloniki offer a wide range of innovative products and solutions to their customers. V. KAFKAS SA’s long experience (over 45 years in the field), and its participation in most projects involving new installations and renovations/upgrades (of both private and public spaces and infrastructure), make it a reference point for the market it operates in.  In KAFKAS, we strongly believe that innovative solutions are the key elements of success and what makes us a trustworthy partner with our clients. 1Home is a prime example of an innovative solution for both integrators to have an easy and reliable KNX visualization tool, and for the end user to be able to enjoy all the benefits that smart assistants offer to our everyday life. We are already witnessing a shift change to an even more user-friendly approach in smart home applications with the integration of voice control and smart assistants with KNX. The fact that these systems are able to combine the vast abilities and robustness of KNX with the innovations of the IoT universe, all these under the umbrella of giant tech companies, makes the new generation of smart homes much more accessible to everybody and not to just a few elite. For the future, we are already expecting the incorporation of KNX with IOT directly and the further development of smart assistants. We believe that the majority (if not all) of the installations will have smart applications and it is important for us to be able to offer the necessary tools to our clients to accomplish their goals easily and reliably!

Georgios Mermingis, Building Technologies Engineer at KAFKAS SA