Why should you integrate a smart assistant in your smart home?

Are you looking into upgrading your smart home with a smart assistant, but don’t know how or why?

Smart assistant ≠ voice assistants

People often confuse smart assistant platforms (Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa) with voice assistants (Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Alexa) and we are here to tell the difference.

Voice Assistant is a software that can be implemented into smart speakers, phones, cars etc. and represents a part of the functionality of the whole smart assistant platform.

Smart assistant is a smart home platform that offers a mobile app for control, creating automations (geofencing, location-based automations), integrating other wireless devices and voice control. It’s a much broader tool for controlling your home and you can pick one feature or use several of them jointly with your wired smart home.

What is the value a smart assistant brings based on the smart home you own?

If you want to explore the real value a smart assistant platform brings to your home, select your smart home below to compare it with your existing setup.

It’s time to finally level up your home and become that futuristic friend that has complete control over their home, can adapt it as his life changes and can even voice control it if he desires.