1Home Dashboard upgrades for system integrators - September 2022

We want to develop the product our customers love, that's why we’re always reaching out to see what pumps you up and what lets you down. Some of you may have received a call from us in the past asking about  feedback on the 1Home Bridge usage. We’ve also been actively gathering product feature requests on our Feature Request Portal for the past two years. A lot of feedback was received and we’ve decided it’s time to act on it. So in the past month or two we’ve gradually upgraded the 1Home Dashboard, focusing on requests submitted by smart home integrators. This is what we came up with:

Import / Export feature

First of all, we've implemented the Import/export functionality. We got a lot of feedback regarding backing up the 1Home configuration so we’ve done it - you can now export your 1Home project and have it as a backup in case you need to revert to a stable configuration at any time. Furthermore this functionality is extremely useful in case of multi apartment projects - you can now just configure a template of the apartment - export this configuration and then import it in all the similar apartments in the project. This will literally save you hours if not days of your time.

  1. Go to “Smart Homes” tab in your 1Home dashboard.
  2. Click the three dots on the right side next to your Smarthome
  3. Select “Import devices” or “Export devices” and follow the procedure.

1Home Bridge remote pair feature

One of the biggest pains system integrators are facing when installing the 1Home Bridge is having to be on customers' locations in order to pair the 1Home Bridge to the customers’ smart home. Well no more - we’ve enabled the remote pair feature for the 1Home Bridge. With this improvement it’s now possible to configure the 1Home Bridge without ever visiting the customers’ project location.

  1. Log in to the customers 1Home Profile (or just open it from “Projects” tab in your 1Home Dashboard)
  2. Open a new tab (in your browser) and navigate to my.1home.io
  3. Before proceeding - check again that you are really impersonating your customer in the 1Home dashboard. When asked to input the code - use the code on the sticker on the casing of your 1Home Bridge (this code can also be found on a sticker in a brochure that came with that 1Home Bridge)

Project status indicators

Next we’ve introduced status indicators in the Projects Tab. In your integrator dashboard you have all your customers' projects under the “Project’s” tab. Now there is an indicator next to each of the projects indicating whether the project is online (green color) or offline (red color).

Improved remote access

Furthermore we’ve decided to seriously improve Remote Access Feature since this is hugely important for many smart building professionals and we’ve heard from you guys that with 1Home Bridge it tends to be slower than desired and also a bit unstable on occasions. This resulted in much lost time especially in case of larger uploads to the customers ETS project. We’re happy to say we’re in the final stages of testing the new remote access, which will much improve the speed and stability of the secure connection. Release is planned for Q4 2022 so keep your Bridges online to receive an automatic firmware update containing this much desired feature.

Partner Shop within 1Home Dashboard

Last but not least: the partner shop is now part of the 1Home Dashboard removing the need of multiple logins plus giving you the option to make a purchase without ever leaving the 1Home Dashboard.


The 1Home Bridge is always getting better and better. Do you like it, love it or is it just the best product ever? ;) Joke aside - nothing is perfect, so we’re always looking to improve - if you have ideas on how to do this, don’t hesitate to visit our Feature Request Portal and let us know. Our team is always monitoring the submitted requests and acting on them when when they get a lot of votes!