Guide: Single device naming for better control

Naming single devices should be short and intuitive, otherwise your assistant may not be able to understand you or even worse, you won’t be able to memorise the commands. Avoid the assistant’s error message “There are multiple devices with that name.” and make the device names short and sweet.

This is why we have prepared this simple formula to let you turn that one light on.

There are two options to name your devices in a way that makes it easy for you to memorise and your assistant to understand:

1. Focus on the location of the device and define: room name, position and device name.

2. State the activity that this device support and define: activity and device name.

If you are renaming a lot of single devices at once, we strongly suggest doing that in the 1Home Dashboard as its quicker than in the Assistant app.

Having this logic behind single device naming will help you memorise the commands effortlessly and you’ll be able to control any device separately if needed. Mind that you don’t have to rename all of your devices, just the ones you will actually control on their own - and won’t use through groups or routines.

Now that you have successfully named your smart devices, you are ready to enjoy your home’s fullest potential with the hands-free dimension of voice control.