Smart Cube becomes the exclusive distributor for Luxembourg

We are happy to announce our exclusive distribution contract with Smart Cube! They will be providing 1Home solutions and products to customers in Luxembourg.

Smart Cube is a Luxembourg company specializing in "Smart Home". We make all types of buildings intelligent be it existing or new constructions. Unlike conventional buildings where each system is controlled independently, in a Smart Building, silent helpers (Automation) work for you in the background, to liberate you from fastidious tasks, to assure you a real comfort of life, security and at the same time contribute to saving energy. Smart Cube is an innovative company in the field of Smart Home, so it is only logical to link up with partners who share this same philosophy. Integrating 1Home products will especially allow us to bring more features to our customers, such as voice control and other exciting features they’re developing. Secondly, being able to share our feedback from the field with 1Home will allow them to improve and adapt the product. As creators of smart homes, we believe that voice control is the future. It is a great advance in comfort for senior citizens and users with reduced mobility.

Jorge De Oliveira - CEO of Smart Cube