Impulse switch 



Impulse switch ESR62NP-IP/110-240V ready to buy

Impulse switch with integrated relay function via WiFi, 1 NO contact, 16A/250V AC, for 230V LED lamps up to 600W, incandescent and halogen lamps up to 2000W. Apple Home certified, REST API available. Standby loss only 0.7 watts. Compact design for installation. Plug-in terminals for conductor cross-sections of 0.2mm2 to 2.5mm2. Zero passage switching for contact and lamp protection. Supply, switching, and control voltage locally 110-240V. Can be controlled directly via Apple Home app and Siri. Wi-Fi link uses 2.4 GHz frequency band for Over-the-Air updates. No additional controller or gateway required. Functions include scene creation, if-then automations, manual switching, and status retrieval. Configuration possible via Eltako Connect app. Development version of REST API available.

Connectivity: WiFi

Installation difficulty: moderate

Price range: 61 €

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